Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Think I'm Gonna Have a Son"

"And even though we ain't got money, I'm so in love with ya honey, And everything will bring a chain of love."- we love this song.

Yep, we are going to have a little boy! We are so excited! Emily got to come and see the baby bouncing around in there. With Emily I had a few vivid dreams that it was a little girl and she was. With Lindsey I had a couple dreams as well and I just knew she was another girl. I had a dream a couple years ago that I had 2 girls and a boy so I just felt strongly that this was a boy. I never even called it a girl and rarely called it and 'it'. It just felt like a little he to me and I was right. Mother's intuition sometimes can be spot on. When we saw for sure that it was a little boy Emily said "Yay Mommy, now we can buy little bow ties!" We still don't know what his name will be, but we are anxious to meet him!

911 Is A Blessing

Where we live because of the economy we are going to be charged $15 a month for the police department. There is not enough sales revenue and so here we are with a new bill to pay. Its one that bothers, but in the end you want to have law enforcement. Today I am grateful to have that ability to call and access them when I need them.

I was home with my girls chatting on the phone with a friend when I got a knock on the door. I have told the girls many times that only Mommy gets to door. Emily starts heading towards it and I tell her that I'll get it. I open the door and see a woman I don't know with a few bags. She asks to use the phone and I hesitate and she says "Can you just call the cops because this guy won't leave me alone." Then off to the right this guy appears. The woman was standing off of the porch, but this guy comes onto it and rushes towards me and the door! I slam the door and dead bolt it. I run to call 911 while the two of them are still on my porch. I get transferred to the police and tell them what's going on. My heart was pounding! I expected someone to try the door, but they didn't. Not long after they left and the woman started walking down the street. I never saw the guy leave. Don't know who he was, if he lives close, if he had a car or what. The police show up not long after and I tell them what happened and they said they would patrol the area.

Today I am very grateful for the ability to call 911 and the cops. It was very scary and I am SO thankful that I had the presence of mind and quick reaction to slam the door. The Lord protected us and we are okay. After it happened I once again stressed to Emily and Lindsey why only Mommy and Daddy can open the door. I am thinking I may want a chain for the door so I don't have to open it so wide. Emily asked after if she could play outside today. Not today! I am a little shaken up.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Robert's Cancer Screening

Most people know that Robert had his thyroid screened for cancer last week, but I thought I would put it on the blog too. For back ground, his dad has had thyroid cancer a few times in his life and lots of radiation. The radiation wasn't kind to him, saved his life, but caused some brain damage. His sister was in her mid 30s when she got diagnosed with thyroid cancer and a first cousin also was recently diagnosed. The good news with thyroid cancer in the family is it has a low mortality rate, but it recurs frequently in a person's life. His sister's cancer has been more aggressive and she has spent some very hard years trying to take care of it. We have spent countless hours thinking, fasting and praying for her. This October she had a scan that didn't show cancer cells. That is very good news and in 6 months she will have another follow up. We pray that everything stays positive.

With this family history Robert and his two other siblings have had scans done to check it out. The specialist sees what are probably cysts around Robert's thyroid. His blood work shows he has Hashimoto's disease which means his body and thyroid don't work together. His sister also has this. The cysts are under 1 centimeter, they don't biopsy anything under 1 cm and even if it was cancer, there is no positive outcome in removing a tumor under that size. The Specialist said that Hashimoto's does not cause cancer, though they see it more frequently in those who have it + he has the family history. So for now there is no bad news and basically no news at all. It could be cancer, but is maybe just a cyst. She said he could go through his whole life with never getting it. He just needs to stay on top of follow ups. Every year now he will have to go in and have a scan done to make sure they are 1 cm. And a cyst can even reach 4 cm, so reaching 1 cm doesn't mean cancer either, but it does mean a biopsy. We were very grateful for this news already having some medical hardships this year and expecting a baby, surgery and radiation were not on our list of things we wanted. I am VERY grateful for this! We just pray that we never have to experience this and that his sister can have complete relief as well.

Big Sisters Emily and Lindsey

I love that Emily is big enough to be excited and understand about the baby coming! It is so much fun. She is like having a good girlfriend in the house to be excited with you. Robert is excited too, but he doesn't like to shop the way a mom and daughter do. I took Emily on a Mommy daughter date tonight. It wasn't much, we chose a treat and got a few books at a thrift store. Then we went to see if anyone had any baby clothes on sale I just couldn't do without. There were very cute things, but not in the right sizes, seasons or prices. But I love that Emily ooos and ahhhs over the baby stuff. Even though I don't know what I am having yet.

I brought out the ultrasound tape that has video from both girls. Emily enjoyed watching it and so did Lindsey. She snuggled in my lap and told me, she was a baby in my tummy before too. Lindsey yells at my belly and says "I like you baby! I'm your sister!" If I had a million dollars to spend on a baby this is what I would just LOVE to get.

Oh, yeah this is because it is GOING to be a boy. I just have this feeling. Haha!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

So True

As I sit up WAY too late on the internet, on my computer, with horrible heart burn from the lovely Valentine's Day chocolate, I wonder why I am up so late. What am I doing? Oh, nothing earth shattering. Looking at other more organized mothers and homeschooler's blogs than my own. Wondering WHY I am so disorganized until I remember in the morning as I struggle to get out of bed. Looking at natural child birth blogs for the FUN of it, and yes I am serious. Reading about the many frustrating birth stories because another mom gets pushed to do something she didn't want and the amazing stories where a mom births the way she wants to. And laughing to myself, because Robert went to bed already, at the babies in the documentary Babies. So adorable! Babies really are the same, just with different backgrounds.

I don't normally go to bed so terribly late. The heart burn usually gets the better of me before now and I actually get nauseous if I stay up late. But tonight I sit here fighting the nausea and amusing myself with online window shopping of baby stuff and homeschool curriculum. Realizing I don't have the money for either right now until taxes are done. Normally they are finished and returned by now, but this year we are stumped waiting for a reply to our audit paper work. Brother! I couldn't help myself in getting one of these though:

Great promotional gift alerted to me from Pinching Your Pennies.
I love that site! For $14.95 I got this gift set from I am so excited! It will make summer nursing SO much cooler. I hate having to put a blanket over my head, making baby and I sweaty and uncomfortable.

I guess I can't sit here for too much longer. Baby is kicking me, either telling me to take something for the heart burn or to just go to bed! Either way if it doesn't push me to go, Robert soon will. Wonder what my response will be...