Monday, May 31, 2010

Putting Up the Bunk Bed

I bought this bunk bed last June from good will for $50. I had the plan of sanding and painting them. Well, when I started I had no tools to make this worth while. Finally I was able to borrow some from our friends and the process was able to really begin. However, vacation, Emily's appendicitis, pregnancy complete with morning sickness, made the project a lot longer and harder than originally planned. But I finally got it done what with the deadline of baby #3 looming over me. Here is the beginnings of putting it up.

We realized as we were putting it up that we were missing some much needed support for the base boards. So Robert went out and had them cut a lot more to keep the beds secure.

The finished project. I really like how nice this bed is. For a $50 bed + time and money on redoing it, it is really pretty sturdy. I have been hearing all about the bunk beds they are making these days that are $400 and yet are horribly creaky and unstable particle board. This is solid wood with metal parts and it is much stronger than what we could have bought at the store. The girls love it!

More Science Experiments

As I have mentioned Emily loves science experiments and she is very happy when we find fun ones to do. We have joined a science co-op that begins in the fall which is really exciting for her and they have a summer field trip class that we will be able to go to some of. The first one is a mountain hike that I will be for sure missing. This is her slime experiment.

Directions on how to make green slime.

I think she likes it.

Slimey fun and lots of fun playing with it.

The Doors

They are coming along. On Easter I got hit hard with a horrible flu and gave it to everyone we know, including the family who is helping us with the doors. It took about a month and a half for it to go through all of us, Lindsey with her asthma had to be on heavy steroids and Robert was pre-pneumonia and had to be on antibiotics. Then it was going through our friends family too. It was a horrible flu with cough, fever, malaise and the kids even got conjunctivitis too. It lasted forever. So it has been hit and miss with the weekends we have been able to work on it with them. But this is it so far.

Our ugly deck we need to replace one year and the doors from the outside.

There is molding up at the top and along the sides. We just need to finish spackling and then painting and putting a finish at the bottom and it is pretty near done. Just touch up work now and then figuring out what to do about privacy. The curtains ARE temporary I swear. They actually belong in the kids room where they have kicked the blinds to death.

Spring Pictures

We are alive and have been busy. I just haven't found a lot of spare energy or time to complete any blog posts. But I am finally going to do it. Here is a bunch of random pictures of what we have been up to.

Strong Emily!

Cute Lindsey!

Sisters have so much fun together.

Sweet smiles from Emily.

Emily and Lindsey playing. Lindsey has a blanket around herself that is tied in front so she has a cape.

Robert and his girls. They love their Daddy and can't wait until he comes home. Especially since that involves lots of hugs, kisses, "tackles" and tickles.

The girls doing school work. Emily is practicing her writing and Lindsey's page was to draw a "sad dad" she did a good job too.

A belly picture! No my face isn't in it and that's okay for now. Actually this picture was taken a couple weeks ago and I believe I have grown a lot more since then.

Isn't she a beautiful sleeper?

She is bored, but still humored me with a smile.