Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What Happened??

I haven't been on my blog in a LONG time! Why is that? I had baby #3! He is so sweet and such a wonderful joy to have around. However, I am now a lot busier than I was when I only had 2 kids. Everyone told me it's having the 3rd that does you in. I really didn't believe them. All my friends I know with 3 kids never leave their house. I was sure that wouldn't happen to me. Well, my little guy is almost 18 months and I can tell you that having your 3rd child changes how you are as a parent.

If you were an active parent that liked to go out and take your kids to plays and library readings, well you won't do it anymore. If you were a mom who tried always to feed your kids healthy nutritious meals, always making sure they had at least some veggies in their day, that will most likely change when #3 comes along. You will just be happy they get veggies in their diet at all during the week- canned, frozen and if you get some fresh ones in you'll feel like mother of the year. If you always made sure your kids had clean clothes, hair done and you never left the house without makeup, you will not like how different it will be. You will be lucky if your kids have their clothes ON, let alone if they are clean and makeup will be a thing of the past.

Things I never thought would happen to me as a parent; well they did when my 3rd came along. But I wouldn't change a thing. He is the sweetest, most loving and fun little boy around. Boys are very different. He destroys the house a little at a time. If I am putting it away he will come behind me and get it out. If I am cleaning he will decide he needs to "help" me, like unfolding the laundry. But if I need extra love and snuggles, there he is.

My adorable little guy this summer.

Sweet Lindsey.

Sisters are so great.

Oh, my sleeping baby.

My cute little dancer.

Swinging fun!

Halloween costumes at Homeschool park day.

Halloween pictures with the kids.

Just LOVE that face!

Where have the years gone? She looks so grown up!

She's still my sweet little girl. So precious!

Trying to get a picture with my kids isn't easy.

Sweet little Pooh Bear!

First snow!

Look who figured out how to get his own cracker.

I've also been very busy making this happen for my girls. We had to take a door out that went to our storage room and I had to mud the drywall, sand and paint, paint, paint. I LOVE the colors! The girls love their room. I got it done for Christmas and they say it's their favorite present.

Christmas 2011 was wonderful!