Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas and the Day After

Christmas CAME! We had a wonderful holiday! Christmas Eve was spent with just us. We read the scriptures and sang carols. It was so great. Emily opened her Christmas Eve pj's to sleep in and I got some black ones from Robert. Robert got some plaid pj bottoms. So cute! Lindsey didn't get any cause she has enough jammies. I was so excited to watch Emily open presents. She got the most this year. Especially since Lindsey can share all her toys as she gets older. Oh, if I could list it all it would be amazing! Let's just say her favorites- though she seems to be trading off playing with all of them.

Prince and Princess Barbie and carriage, Cinderella with accessories, Dora back-pack with detachable wings, Candyland, Hooked on Phonics books, Ballerina Barbie, dress up dresses and shoes and lots more. Lindsey got an adorable outfit, cute pj's, coloring tool for babies, stackable cups and toy phone. Robert got a blender- ours was a piece of junk- to make his favorite thing- shakes. Weights, and a white board- he can't stand not to have something for messages. Robert got me an awesome art easel- wonderful!-lotion, foot soak, and the book The Holy Temple by President Boyd K. Paker- the special leather bond edition. Really great stuff. And our families really blessed us with some awesome things! Thank you! And we loved spending the holidays with you!

We woke up and got dressed and ate breakfast. I know, when I was a kid that would have been too much, but it is nice to be all ready before you open presents. Makes it feel less messy. My sister Brittany and my Dad came over to visit, then we headed to other families houses. On the way to my in-laws Wesley and Jill's house Lindsey threw up in the car. We cleaned it all up and then two hours later she threw up inside.

I prepared today, the day after the whole event, for the throw up sickies. She hasn't thrown up since then. I am hoping it was something she ate, though I didn't feel all that hot yesterday, but assumed it was eating a million fattening cookies and truffles. Emily doesn't want to get dressed and has been in pj's all day as has the baby and I have been in grudgies. Ah, its nice to have a day to just play. I have been loving the zero stress thing and no need to go anywhere. Candyland playing, reading, etc. And tonight I am making chicken, potatoes and veggies- lots of veggies. I have got to get some healthy eating in. I am so FAT now and I don't seem to care. I will eventually. I care more about the fact that I feel so sick. Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!

No house work today that isn't absolutely essential.

Nicole Came Home!

Nicole and Megan

Left to right: Nathan, Brooke, Heather and Dad

My sister Nicole came home from being away for 8 months in both Kiev, Ukraine and Moscow, Russia. She was teaching English there in Ukraine and Russian schools. We missed here SO much! She came to stay at my house for a few days and we really had fun. My brother Michael got married on Saturday to a wonderful, cute girl named Amberly. I am so excited for them! My other 5 siblings who live in Montana came to town and my Dad who lives here, came to play some games. It was a lot of people in a tight crowded place. We had fun. I missed seeing them. We have so much fun as a family!

These are just some fun and weird things we did as a family and as kids together with 10 of us total:

>We used to play card games and Monopoly for hours and hours night and day. We loved War and Gin. I still love to play cards and Monopoly because of the fun I had with everyone. Nicole and I used to make Michale mad because we wouldn't charge each other if we landed on our space if we "didn't have the means". Sorry Michael.

>We loved to watch movies. Probably because with that many kids and limited money we could never go out together so we might as well rent every movie worth seeing and some not worth seeing. I have become a lot more out of touch with actors and movies since leaving my parents house.

>My sisters and I used to "draw girls", inspired by my sister Rachel. We used to use up every piece of paper in the house (much to our mothers annoyance and disapproval) to draw our own hair and clothing designs on our girl creations. Later we ended up just drawing dresses and judging them.

>My brother made a "Capue Mobile" out of an old skateboard and beat up dresser. It was a short blue dresser that we sat in and pushed in the circle by our house. Good times- until it broke.

>We used to make "recipes" out of yucky drinks and spices in the kitchen and make each other try them.

>For several summers we volunteered at a living history pioneer museum and dressed up as 1860 pioneers. We had Civil War battles, made lye soap, beat rugs, bought penny candy at the general store, took our shoes off in the pond, ran holding up our petty coats, climbed trees, danced in the social hall, ate cherries, churned butter, fed the pigs, etc. all dressed as pioneers in HOT western weather.

>We read books all the time. We would sneak novels behind our school text books to make it appear that we were studying.

>My mom started a homeschool choir that we sang in for about 4 years. We loved it and made many friends through singing. We performed for holidays and really enjoyed doing it. We still remember the songs we sang. Though my mom sold the choir after my dad's second heart attack, I have researched it on the internet and it is still going strong as the Heralders of Utah.

>We used to tickle each others backs in church, until our parents noticed and told us to pay attention. We drew on each others feet with pen- mom got mad at that too- wonder why she wouldn't want ink all over the house? :P (A side thing, one time my sister Nicole and I on a rare occasion were the only ones home- that never happens! And we were talking about WWII, interesting thing to talk about. And we drew swastikas on each others feet with pen. Dumb, really I know. We went into the kitchen and walked around the white floor and much to our surprise there were black swastikas all OVER the floor. We tried to wash it up and nothing was working. We freaked out a bunch and then tried comet. Sigh. It is a miracle cure so that kids don't get caught with making their kitchen floor into some psychotic tribute) We put glue on our hands and danced around until it dried so we could peel it off. We were really weird kids I guess, or we were normal and kids are weird in general.

>Whenever it rained we used to go into out garage and play. We made soft taco "tarts" with jam and sugar and ate them while the rain poured down.

In all we were very weird kids and very imaginative. There are SO many more funny memories that I have and I really miss my 5 other siblings. I wish I could relive some of the old days. I really love my family and am grateful to have been a part of all this. It was so special to me.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sweetness of a 3 Year Old

Today Emily and I were listening to Christmas music and the song Mary Did You Know came on. Emily loves that song, as do I. These are the lyrics:

Mary, did you know
That your baby boy will one day walk on water?
Did you know
That your baby boy will save our sons and daughters?
Did you know
That your baby boy has come to make you new?
This child that you've delivered
Will soon deliver you

Mary, did you know
That your baby boy will give sight to a blind man?
Did you know
That your baby boy will calm a storm with his hand?
Did you know
That your baby boy has walked where angels trod?
And when you kiss your little boy
You've kissed the face of God

Mary, did you know?
The blind will see
The deaf will hear
And the dead will live again
The lame will leap
The dumb will speak
The praises of the Lamb

Mary, did you know
That your baby boy is Lord of all creation?
Did you know
That your baby boy will one day rules the nations?
Did you know
That your baby boy is heavens perfect Lamb?
This sleeping child you're holding
Is the great I Am.

After the song was done Emily said to me; "Mom, I wish I had baby Jesus." AWWWW!! What a sweet heart! Children have such a beautiful innocence that just shocks me. I love that she really does pay attention to why we celebrate Christmas. We were also watching A Charlie Brown Christmas and after Linus explained the meaning of Christmas and quoted the scriptures Emily said, "Mom, what is he talking about?" So we discussed more of the story of Christmas and specifically the angel talking to the shepherds. I LOVE Christmas with the innocence of children.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Feels Over Already!

Why does it feel like Christmas is pretty much over? It's not, but it feels like it. I LOVE Christmas time and I can't wait for Emily to open her presents yet I CAN wait at the same time. This is just the best time of the year and I can't help just being so excited every day. My kids are the cutest things out there! I love being a mom. It is tiring, it is hard some times and some days my Emily knows just how to push my buttons and the baby won't let me put her down, but I love it at the same time. Like yesterday was just a perfect day. I was able to get all my house work done early that day and then my house was nice and clean and we could just spend the rest of the time playing and enjoying each other. We tickled and wrestled and laughed and played Christmas music. This is where true happiness comes from. We are not any richer than yesterday, in fact probably a little more poor. Haha! We are still in the same situation as before, but there are the times when I realize just how truly blessed and happy my life is. Especially during this Season I am grateful for all that I do have that so many people don't. If I really could remember that more often I would complain a lot less these days. Life really is beautiful. I shouldn't ask or even want for more than I already have. I have the best husband in the world who loves, supports and serves me. He works hard at his job and school and loves his kids and plays with them all the time. I am happy everyday that I married him. My girls are so precious and we do want more someday, in a couple more years, but if we were never blessed with more we would feel so blessed and happy to have our two sweethearts. Emily is such a good kid! Even when other kids want to pick on her, most of the time she does not retaliate. She is so good and loving to her sister. Lindsey is just all around sweetness. She is so cuddly and soft. What a fun baby to have around! I now know what it feels like to experience joy and bliss.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Snowy, Blowy Fun!

Emily and I bundled up really warm for the first big snow storm last Saturday. We were all stuck inside while it was coming down so we left Lindsey in with her daddy and we played for about an hour and a half. It was really fun actually. I hadn't done anything like that since I was a kid. We tried to build a snowman, but it didn't work with this early snow. It wouldn't hold together. We gave up on that and went in the little play house pretending to be lost girls feeding the deer at the window (I know, I never really did grow up). Emily went down a few of the slides covered with snow. I thought it was a great idea to try and go up the snow covered slide. I landed right with my face in the snow. Yumm... polluted wetness. We walked around some more, threw snowballs at each other and finally went behind the building and found a sled that someone had left behind. This hill is a pretty decent sledding hill and tons of the older kids go down it whenever it snows. They had worn some pretty decent grooves into it when we got up there. I always try to steer it a little to the right so as not to hit the tree or go over the giant bump the kids constructed so you are air born for a time. It is kind of fun going over the bump, but when you hit the ground you bottom isn't very happy. Ouch! It was a blast though! We slid down about 20 times and finally I was wet in my shoes and needed some rest. We went inside and sipped hot chocolate. Its great having kids this age so I have an excuse to play like I am 5 again.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Naked Pancakes

Maple Syrup: I really like 100% pure maple syrup. It is good and because of my celiac disease and the fact that gluten is in all the other processed syrups. It is the one I can have. Why then does it have to be $5 for a tiny bottle?! I can guess why. It is hard to sap out a tree and get all that maple syrup. So much easier to dump junk in a bottle, with loads of high fructose corn syrup and gluten and call it maple syrup. At Costco the other day I got so excited as I saw a tub of natural maple syrup. Then of course I raise my eyes to the price on the tiny sign above to lure you in. $19.95! I sigh and feel very sad. I can on occasion spend $4-5 on a tiny one when we have the money, but at no point do I have $20 to spend on syrup. Course my sadness was compounded when my husband points out that next to it is a double tub of Mrs. Butterworths crap-in-a-bottle-trying-to-pass-as-maple-syrup for $4.95. Sigh. Glad they will be enjoying their pancakes and syrup for a long time to come and I will have to find a way to enjoy mine in their "natural" state.