Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Valentine's Day- Late

I realize that I never told about our Valentine's Day holiday! It was really good, but didn't turn out how I planned. I had a card and two caramel chocolate hearts which I put on our bed for Robert. The house was meticulously clean. I like that whenever there is a holiday it has to be nice and clean. Then I had prepared Salmon, really yummy seasoned rice and asparagus. Yummy! The table was set all nice with candles and some "bubbly", which is sparkling grape juice. There were goblets and it smelled wonderful!

Robert came in late because of the snow storm. He wasn't feeling well because of something he ate the day before and felt nauseous and went straight to bed. I tried to get him up to see if eating would help, but I have to admit to being really upset and disappointed. He said it looked nice, but once he left to bed I waited and waited for him to feel better, but it came and went. I put everything away, blew out the candles and put the kids to bed. He came out an hour or more and I had already eaten. He felt really badly and so did I because I know it wasn't intentional, but still disappointing. We gave him the rest of the food and we drank our "bubbly". Then for desert we had fruit dipped in chocolate fondue and watched a movie. It turned out okay in the end, just a little bumpy.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Our Homeschool Blog

I decided to start a separate blog for our homeschooling. I am going to try and get a button made so you can just go directly to the link, but until then it is just under my other blog links. Feel free to check it out!

Monday, February 11, 2008


I just read this book last night, finished it in two days and read until 4:00 a.m. last night because I couldn't put it down. It was really interesting. The subject matter almost made me not read it when I read the introduction and found out that the heroine is Margarite , a "kept" woman or in other words a prostitute in the 1800s in France. But I read some of the first of it and it was so well written that you just have to know how the story goes on between Margarite and Armand. The story does not make excuses for the abomination and I know why it is a classic. It in every way spoke of not judging them and being Christian towards them. It was more a story of how those women were treated like garbage during their lives and even in death. They were objects to men and cast off by women. It reminded me of Gone with the Wind and Milley who was still kind to Belle even though everyone knew who she was. This poor girl is given a chance to really be loved by just Armand and tries to clean up her life, but because of the prejudice of society, can't do it and in the end she sacrifices all she is and has for Armand and his family. And not being able to tell him why, he then treats her terribly and yet she is still kind to him. The introduction bothered me though because whoever wrote it missed the morals and the reasons behind the whole book and instead seemed to celebrate it as a women's sexual rights movement because she wasn't bound by the rules of men. Whoever this guy is, he must not have read the book. All of what he said was so much further from what the book was trying to show. How she was never free, but bound by society to be an object, to be treated like a slave and how it ruined her in the end. It was an eye opening look into that side of the sad case it was for women, especially back then and still now. And how Margarite was truly a heroine because through it all she was still inherently good because of all she sacrificed of herself for those she loved and others she didn't even know.

I love reading classics because the lessons that come from them are often so much harder to find in "new" books. C.S. Lewis said something along the lines that for every new book one reads they should read another old book. That the sad part about the youth- and he said this when he was alive, it is even more true today than ever- is that they know everything about the last few years, but nothing about the last several decades. That reading old books opens you to what did happen. I read a lot more old books than new books because I learn so much from them.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sick Baby

Well, Emily got a cold on Sunday and was exhausted all day. It lasted until the next day and was gone. The way she looked and acted I felt we were in for a really bad time, but nope, it was in and out with no problems. Lindsey however got whatever Emmy had and within a day started with fevers of 103. We took her in, it is just a virus. So we waited it out. She got SO bad! She wouldn't eat or hardly drink and just looked to be the most miserable baby soul. We were getting so worried. So we called the Dr. up and were told if she was worse to bring her in again.

So I mustered up the last of my strength- because of the many fevers I had been up with the sick baby so Robert could get sleep for work- and I took both kids again to the Dr. They saw the beginnings of an inner ear infection and bronchitis as she coughs. Her breathing is good though, which is great. We were given an antibiotic and headed home. In the office she clung to me like a baby monkey and slept all the way home, even in the grocery store. And when we came home at 2:00 she slept all the way until 8:00. I went out because it was my dad's birthday and I picked up my sister in law Amberly to go to his birthday dinner at my Aunt's house. When I came home she was sitting on her daddy's lap looking worse than before. At 8:00 Robert tried to wake her up and she wouldn't do it, she slept even more until I came home at 11:30 and even then she would NOT stay awake. We decided to have Robert take her to the Primary Children's hospital. I couldn't physically take anymore. They were there from midnight until 5:30. But they did help us, they cleaned out her nose twice and said she has RSV and a virus on top of it. Poor baby! They agreed that she is a very sick girl. But she has clear airways and with the cough is able to clear out her airways pretty well.

This is the first day in about 4 days that she has smiled and played. She is still laying around and sleeping long hours, but when she is up she drinks and eats a little. But I just had to show her first smile in a long time. We have been so worried about our very sick baby and we are so happy she is doing better!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bathtime Babies!

Aren't they cute in the tub? I sure think so! Emily LOVES baths! Practically every night she asks me if it is bath night. Lindsey likes them too. She loves to be in the water and swishes her little legs around in the water. The part she HATES is getting out and being cold. But really, who does like that?? I know I don't. Emily has played many a fun game in the bath tub. She has boat toys, mermaids and plastic fish. I hate scrubbing those toys of all the soap scum and germs, but I do it when I can. Yuck! One of my other least favorite chores, scrubbing the tub! I don't mind cleaning the bathroom, I really don't. But I hate getting on my hands and knees to scrub out the tub.

The girls both get lotion after their baths and they smell so kid fresh and clean. I love it when they smell that way. Its much better than the dirty kid smell. Especially the summertime dirty kid smell. Ew! Why is it also that I tend to always have bath days on the nights Robert is at school or work late? Do I wish this extra work on myself? Eh, who knows.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tag, I'm It!

Tagged by Rachel, she was always much better at that game. This is about Robert.

1. What is his name?
Robert, Sweetie, sexy

2. How long have you been married? 5 1/2 awesome years!

3. How long did you date? Well, let's see,... we met in November of 2001 dated until I broke up with him the day after Valentine's Day. It lasted 2 weeks, we got back together and a month later we were engaged and married 3 months after that. So 5 months.

4. How old is he?

5. Who eats more? Robert, but whenever I make a treat and Robert goes to work, he can bet that it will be gone when he gets home. (blush) I try not to make treats too often.

6. Who said I love you first? Robert

7. Who is smarter? I wouldn't say one of us is smarter than the other. We are just better at different things.

8. Whose temper is worse? Mine absolutely. Robert is very level headed and doesn't get angry very easily. I have never heard him swear and he rarely yells. He is pretty happy. I however, can get pretty heated and can raise my voice when my blood starts to boil. Thank goodness I have a sweet and patience hubby.

9. Who does the laundry? Robert does a lot of putting the loads in for me, I mainly fold them, but he helps when he can. I HATE laundry!

10. Who does the dishes? Mostly me. Robert isn't home much to do them and I hate a messy kitchen.

11. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Robert, it is near the wall. I like it like that.

12. Who pays the bills? We both do.

13. Who cooks dinner? Me. Robert doesn't get home in time to make many dinners.

14. Who drives when you are together?

15. Who is more stubborn? Oh, that would be ME! I generally get my way because I put up a fuss.

16. Whose parents do you see the most? Robert's

17. Who proposed?
Robert. Very sweet and cute.

18. Who has more friends? We have an equal amount, he has been friends with my friends and I became friends with some of his friends wives and our college friends are the same since even before we were dating.

19. Who has more siblings? I have 9 siblings (6 sisters, 3 brothers) and Robert has 3 siblings (2 sisters, 1 brother).

I tag anyone who wants to do it.