Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dead Spidah... Whaahaaahaa

Robert informed me that he found our ghost spider, who proved with it's guts just how real he was. He is now squished and dead after making a trip to the kids room. That's right, get near my kids Mr and you will be outed. Robert saw him traveling from their room back to the living room. He sure does get around. I hope he packed a lunch of dead bugs in his belly when he died, because there will be no more lunch for him!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Elusive Spider!

So there is this spider that three days ago was on our TV. Great, Robert says he will get it and knocks it to the ground. Why? I don't know, it makes more sense to squish its guts on the TV and wipe it off later to me, but knocking it to the floor seems okay too. Unless you then can't FIND the stupid spider! It disappeared! Never mind the fact that our light bulb burnt out in our hallagen lamp and we don't HAVE a spare bulb. We are seriously contemplating a new lamp. This did contribute to the loss of the spider I am sure.

We never get spiders. Seriously we have had about 10 in 4 years that have actually been out where we can see them. So the next day when the spider that Robert said looked the same was on the window he rushed to kill it. He got a wet paper towel, came back and GONE, vanished! We looked everywhere. He was no where to be found.

Tonight we come back from spending time with family for Memorial Day and walking on the side of the computer desk was this SAME elusive spider! I grab a paper towel and try to get a good shot and look in it and it is not there. It is seriously a phantom spider. I shine a light in every nook and cranny and am even a little spooked to be typing on the keyboard, certain it is going to crawl across my hands. I have no idea where it is. We have a ghost spider. I actually am not that scared of spiders. I can kill them no problem and they don't bug me. I don't LIKE them and kill them when I see them, but they don't bug me. But I AM bugged by a spider that gets away! Because I know he is out there... to be continued.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Colour Like No Other

Best commercial I have ever seen. How artistic is this? If you notice I also have this song on my playlist. Great celebration of color. They shot 250,000 bouncy balls down streets in San Franscisco to get this awesome affect. Emily and I watched the making of the commercial and it is fascinating. I can't seem to keep it working on my blog, so it must be restricted. Check it out anyway, it's fun!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Why I Like Jackson Pollock

We had this discussion with my brother in law Danny about Mr. Pollock's work. Danny hates it and thinks the guy is not a true artist and is a fraud. So I thought I would find what I could about Jackson Pollock in response to why I personally like his work. I wouldn't say he is my all time favorite artist. I am a realist myself, but I can appreciate several different kinds of art. I love impressionism, renaissance art, gothic art, etc. But I can find the interesting parts of some abstract work. Not all of it, but some. Jackson Pollock is one of the abstract artists that I actually enjoy. Picasso has a few that I feel are okay as well.

Why do I like Pollock then? I feel like his paintings are very movement oriented. Which is what he did when he painted. He painted with his whole body and used his energy to paint what he felt. To me they look like the color is alive. They resemble the colors of quilts, only he used paint. His painting was unconventional, no one did it like this. He even used sand sometimes and glass to get the right affects he wanted. I myself have tried to throw color around before to feel free with my painting. The results looked more like junk. He said in response to critics saying that his paintings were all accidents, that he always had a clear idea of what he wanted the paint to look like and when he got too far away from that idea it looked like a mess. It is not as easy as it looks to paint abstractly and have it appear that that is what you meant to do. I love how free his paintings look. I find often with myself that mine are tight and controlled. Too tight and too controlled. Sometimes I just want to break out of my paintings and be a little more like Jackson Pollock. He really did use paint as a way of expression and I personally love his stuff. I would hang a Pollock in my house- next to one of my own paintings of course. :)

And if you want to feel a little like Jackson Pollock does, check out this fun website.
Jackson Pollock

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Baby Care- What NOT To Do!

I DIED laughing at these! I seriously fell off my chair laughing with one of them! I was crying so hard!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bumbo Baby Outtakes

And here is one other funny video.

Funny Videos

Emily loves these videos and asks me to play them often. The first one is the Bumbo baby. The first one is just the baby playing around, but the second and third are really funny.

This is the third one. Some parents have a lot of time on their hands and fun equipment.

The last one is a group that Emily's Uncle Arch loves and their fun music video.