Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lindsey is 3

Lindsey turned 3 on January 23rd. We decided to have a family day out to The Children's Museum like we did last year. And our good friends the Williams oldest daughter's birthday was the 24th so we thought it would be awesome to go with them- they were coincidentally planning the same outing. We had a lot of fun!

Lindsey and her friend Sadie in the car.

Emily in the play store with friends Mary and Ellie.

Presenting: EMILY!

Eating lunch with the Williams. Yum... strawberries!


Checkout girl Lindsey here to serve you.

Hi Robert!

Lindsey is now the town police officer who also checks the mail in her spare time.

Happy Birthday Lindsey! You are a joy to have around and you make us laugh all the time. Our home is happier because you are in it. We love you!

Baby Bump

Okay, here is a picture of my belly bump. And trust me, it has gotten bigger since this picture was taken. I feel huge right now AND I am feeling the baby move! That's the best part. Especially if I eat something sweet and sugary. Baby loves it. I should also mention that I am convinced it is a little boy. Not because I HAVE to have a boy, truth is I really would be just as happy with another girl. Built in playmates, pass on clothes, paint the room pink, bows, etc. But I really feel its a boy. I think the ultrasound will just confirm that I'm right. Who wants to take guesses on if I am right or not?

Tent Sleeping

Every once in awhile the girls go crazy just like I do being stuck inside and I decide to put up the tent. It keeps them entertained and they play great games inside the tent. And because I just AM a cool mom, I let them sleep in it.

Cousin's Birthday

Cousin Andy had a birthday and invited all of us to go swimming at a Rec Center. The girls were so excited. I unfortunately am too large to fit into a swimsuit, but Robert was able to be with the girls.

Andy turned 10! Double digits and everything.

They are so excited to swim they can hardly leave the window watching to enjoy the party.

They had so much fun swimming! They didn't want to leave and we had to DRAG them out of the pool.

Place Value

Emily and I have been working on her understanding of place value for some time now. We brought her math with us to a friend's house and after working on a few questions it was clear yet again that this concept hasn't quite sunk in yet. It may be more time before it does. We are taking a little break for the time being. But here she is decorating her place value houses for the many times and using Legos to illustrate the numbers.

I let her decorate the houses so she could do something visual. My visual learner needs constant reminders in order to remember. Now what will I do with Lindsey, my kinesthetic learner when the time comes? That will be the real challenge! At least I understand the visual learner since I am one.

Flash is too bright Emily? Her cute friend Mary in the background having more fun playing with the Legos ON the thousands place.

Turning 27

I turned 27! I still feel young. I refuse to say I feel old until either 29 or 30. I had a good birthday. All I wanted to do was go out shopping with Robert and out to eat at P. F. Chang's. It was a wonderful day and I couldn't ask for anything better.


Emily and Lindsey wanted to play out in the snow. Being a morning sick wimp that I was at the time, I stayed inside and took pictures of my cuties out in the snow with their buckets and shovels.

Emily shoveling.

Lindsey didn't want to leave the porch, the snow was too cold.

Lindsey never did leave the porch and came in first because her hands were frozen once she took off her gloves. Silly girl.

Favorite Past Time

The girls LOVE to color and draw and they are both good at it. Lindsey could color, draw and paint all day if it suited her. She is getting very jealous when I use my expensive art materials and wants to use them to. How to explain to her that her cheap crayons and my pencils that are worth over a dollar per pencil, can't really compare and she should stick with her crayons? I am finding lovely "art work" all over my walls from this very creative child. I am raising monster my mother always wished I would. Serves me right since I colored on the walls until I was... *cough*... 10... *blush*.


I always think I overload my camera with pictures of the girls opening presents and I never remember to take videos. Well, this year I remembered the video and forgot the pictures. At least I have some from Christmas Eve day and Christmas Eve night.

I have two of the most beautiful girls!

Retelling of the Christmas story with their new Fisher Price Little People Nativity. I got it for a great deal and they loved having something they could actually play with and not worry about it getting broken. They acted out the story just great!

Christmas Party

Before Christmas we always have a family reunion party. This year was a lot of fun. The girls saw Santa and Emily sang a beautiful song and without prompting Lindsey grabbed the microphone and sang the ABCs. It was pretty cute.

Emily and Andy decorating a "Christmas Tree" ice cream cone. I later found them licking the spoons and sticking them back into the container. I am sure they weren't the first kids to do it.

Lindsey earnestly making a Christmas tree ornament.

Present from Santa (we actually don't 'do' Santa at our house, but the girls still love to see him as a fun part of Christmas. We know that the presents come from their wonderful Grandma.)

Lindsey's fearless singing with her cousin Sienna by her side.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Exciting News and Crazy Times

I haven't updated our Christmas pictures or anything yet. We have been very busy. We are ready to announce the July arrival of baby #3 to our home. We are very excited. Emily especially. She asks daily what is going on next with the baby, how big is it, what is growing and oh when, oh WHEN is the ultrasound? She is really cute. She wants the baby to be here now she says. Having this be a big part of the chaos is a large reason I haven't updated. I think it is a boy this time, but will truly be happy with whatever I get. I LOVE my girls and another one would be wonderful and a boy would be awesome to experience and buy infant bow ties for.

The other reason is just every day crazy and bouts of sickness in the house. The usual fun stuff life is made of. Everything else is going really well. Emily is learning and doing really well. Her writing has improved a lot and looks so cute. She has been writing in a journal for her school work and that has really helped. Though she is too advanced for Kindergarten math and understands a lot of 1st grade math, we are getting stuck on place value so that is taking some extra time to make sure she really understands it. We have been spending a lot of the cold gray days with friends and having fun play dates at least twice a week. It really helps all of us cope with the blah of winter. Lindsey has been learning more and more of her letter sounds. I love it! Like when she says "Rocks Mommy, R-r-r-rocks" or "Gone, G-g-g-gone". Its really awesome to watch her already be showing pre-reading readiness. Like asking me what things say and knowing that the words are what tells her the story. Or recognizing letters on signs outside. And Emily is so great and encouraging about it too.

We are busy, there is disorder and clutter while I have struggled with morning sickness, but hopefully the worst is behind me. Everything is great.