Monday, May 26, 2008

Elusive Spider!

So there is this spider that three days ago was on our TV. Great, Robert says he will get it and knocks it to the ground. Why? I don't know, it makes more sense to squish its guts on the TV and wipe it off later to me, but knocking it to the floor seems okay too. Unless you then can't FIND the stupid spider! It disappeared! Never mind the fact that our light bulb burnt out in our hallagen lamp and we don't HAVE a spare bulb. We are seriously contemplating a new lamp. This did contribute to the loss of the spider I am sure.

We never get spiders. Seriously we have had about 10 in 4 years that have actually been out where we can see them. So the next day when the spider that Robert said looked the same was on the window he rushed to kill it. He got a wet paper towel, came back and GONE, vanished! We looked everywhere. He was no where to be found.

Tonight we come back from spending time with family for Memorial Day and walking on the side of the computer desk was this SAME elusive spider! I grab a paper towel and try to get a good shot and look in it and it is not there. It is seriously a phantom spider. I shine a light in every nook and cranny and am even a little spooked to be typing on the keyboard, certain it is going to crawl across my hands. I have no idea where it is. We have a ghost spider. I actually am not that scared of spiders. I can kill them no problem and they don't bug me. I don't LIKE them and kill them when I see them, but they don't bug me. But I AM bugged by a spider that gets away! Because I know he is out there... to be continued.


Rachel said...

Oh gross...I hate them. But what scares me the most are moths! We had one in our bedroom, seriously it was the size of a BAT! Disgusting.

Mama Teaching 2 said...

We have HUGE spiders here and wow they are something! I wish they were as ghost like as yours. LOL!