Wednesday, April 8, 2009

General Conference

I realize I haven't written about General Conference yet. It was another wonderful semi-annual Conference. I loved the talks as I always do and took notes on what stood out to me.

Elder Robert D. Hales: He spoke about provident living in the economic turmoil, avoiding unnecessary debt. Also how our children will learn to do without just as our grandparents did and it will be the better for us to learn those lessons and we will be blessed. As Christ said "Wherefore do not spend money for that which is of no worth, nor your labor for that which cannot satisfy."

Elder M. Russel Ballard: He spoke on the importance of finding our testimony, by the same means of prayer as it has always been. Not through google or text messaging. "It doesn't take living a sinful life know it is better to live a righteous one. We don't have to let our lands become Sodom and Gumorrah to know it is no place to raise a family."

Elder Quentin L. Cook: Talked about how the church never teaches that a majority of the Lord's children will go to hell. There is hope for those of other faiths and we do not teach criticism of other faiths.

Elder Richard G. Scott: I loved his talk. He spoke about hard and tragic things that have happened to him. Loosing two children and his wife, but he said he didn't complain against the Lord because he knows He knows best. "We should never complain, if we are living worthily, about the things that happen in our lives".

Pres. Deider F Uchtdorf: He spoke about Palm Sunday and how the apostles must have thought that the ushering in of Jesus Christ with Palm leaves was a turning point, but it was temporary. Daily we need to apply and reapply the teachings of the gospel. "We cannot receive the full blessings if we neglect the tree and do not nourish it. It is not enough to surround ourselves with symbols of our religion."

Elder Jeffery R. Holland: To those who feel alone. He spoke of the Savior's solitary task of bearing our sins. How the Father was never fully gone, but that Christ had to be left alone so that he would know how the rest of mankind had felt in sin. Because Jesus walked a long and lonely road, we do not have to.

Elder Dallin H. Oaks: He spoke about unselfish service. Lose ourselves in the service of others. Latter day saints are linked to the laws of sacrifice. We do not serve our Savior well if we fear the world more than God. C.S. Lewis wrote that Satan gave the lie that man can be like God and do things without Him and try to find things other than God to make us happy. Entitlement is selfish, taking much and giving little. Instead of focusing on me, we should focus on what we can become. We should go to church for and not what we can get "out" of it.

Elder David A. Bednar: The eternal importance of temple attendance. We do not take His name upon us at baptism, only our 'wilingness' to take His name upon us. Something else must happen first and that happens in the temple. The Savior's name is upon the temple. Therefore everything we do should point towards the temple. There is a difference between church going, tithing paying members and those who regularly worship in the temple. Attending the temple offers a certain protection, protection from our enemies and from Lucifer. We will go through hard times, but God will never us forsake.

I love General Conference. I always feel the Spirit in listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I always hear something I need to hear. I don't feel stressed or pressured by the gospel of Christ, I only stress at my own sins and weaknesses. We all fall short without the grace and atonement of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful to be able to listen to those who have such spirit and strength. President Monson spoke such great words of being better people and I love listening to the Prophet and Apostles. I can't wait to read their words in the Ensign. I am grateful to know that my children know where to turn for peace. We took them to the Draper temple open house last month. Emily was so reverent and when I asked her what she thought of it she told me "Mommy, that made me feel good in my heart." I know just what she means.

This is one of my most favorite songs sung by the tabernacle choir and it was sung this Conference as well.


The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

that was such an awesome conference!!!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

I love conference talks. Great rundown.