Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Emily's Enchanted Play

Since September Emily has been going to a singing/dancing/drama class that was doing a version of the movie Enchanted. It was really fun to watch them dance and Lindsey loved going to "singing class". She even knows a lot of the songs and loves to dance to them too. Last week Emily performed in her play she played Perla the mouse opposite 3 year old Gus-Gus. She memorized her lines that went: Perla: "Oh, look! We can use this pine cone for the statues nose. Its perfect! Gus-Gus: "But what about breakfast?" Perla: "We already had breakfast." Gus-Gus: "What about second breakfast?" Perla: "I don't think they know about second breakfast." Gus-Gus: "Well I'm hungry, I'm so hungry I could eat a whole elephant." Both Emily and Gus were quite overstimulated and got easily distracted doing their lines, especially with the audience. But they each got at least half of their lines right. She also got to be a part of the dragon at the end! She loved that.

They had two days of performance. One was at a local elementary school and the other was for family and friends in a Jr. High auditorium. Emily was very good at her dances and singing and she loved being able to wear a costume. It was a great play and she was happy to get a trophy at the end. It was a fun year of singing and dancing and now we are trying to decide what we will do next time.

Lindsey hanging out with me while we wait for the first performance at the elementary school.

Emily is on the front row wearing her dragon costume.

Blurry, but Emily is the second to left in braids.

Very blurry, but Emily is the mouse looking up, second to left.


Michael said...

Umm, why weren't we invited to the family and friends performance?

Heather the Mama Duk said...

That sounds so cute!