Monday, October 5, 2009

General Conference Weekend

It was another amazing Conference. Emily has been sick since Sunday and we are going to take her to the doctor for what we believe is another bladder infection. Poor thing! Lindsey has been so bored without her friend to play with. She doesn't quite know how to play with toys alone like Emily who had a lot of practice her first few years of life. But we had a quite Sunday listening to the hymns and wonderful talks.

I loved Elder Oaks talk about the love of God. That God doesn't need our love and us not loving Him doesn't diminish His power, but WE need His love. And that some suppose that because He loves us that means we have no need to obey Him. That He will understand, beat us with a few stripes and that will be enough. But even though His love doesn't change, He still requires us to obey Him.

And the talk that stuck out to me so profoundly was that of Elder Holland's. It was an amazing testimony of the Book of Mormon. I have been touched by many words of prophets and apostles. This talk touched me very deeply. I can't put into words what he said because it needs to be heard directly from him. So if you missed it, DON'T miss it! Listen to it HERE

I am so grateful for Conference and for what I learned about charity, service, Christ's love, missionary work, etc. Every Conference I come back edified and driven to do better.

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Butter said...

I really liked Elder Holland's talk, too.