Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas, the Girls and Green Walls

I was so happy when I got my Christmas present early in the mail. A new digital camera. I really needed one. I was getting so sick of blurry pictures and a mediocre camera that I was hardly taking any pictures. There was a great deal and I found an awesome Fugifilm FinePix camera. So far I am loving the look and quality of the photos. I also need to show off my green walls. The living room walls are a very light green. So light you don't notice until you see it offset by the white trim and the dark green accent wall.

You can only see part of the light green wall off to the side. The girls have been excited to pose for the camera and be my objects to test it on.

I really like how the dark green wall makes the white railing and light fixture stand out. I think it is much cooler in real life and the pictures doesn't do it justice. This very tall ceiling was HARD to paint, but I did it. This is the only thing I have painted so far, but it will NOT be the last.

Looking at their Daddy and not at the camera, but they are both so cute.

Grumpy contest. I don't know who wins, they both do a good job at it.

It is very fun this year to have a fireplace to decorate around. I found a really good deal on the Fisher Price little people nativity this year and it has been very played with.


Chalen said...

What fun! We have painted three rooms and have much more to do-but it has to wait until after the baby gets here. I am barely making it through the few craft and sewing projects I have left for Christmas. Thank goodness I only have one left and I will hopefully finish it today!!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oooo, your walls look a nice shade of sage, I love them!!! And that Fisher Price nativity is so cute! I bet the girls are loving the fireplace for Christmas!

whitney said...

yay! for fun wall! Love the green with the white trim contrast! Even better when you have a cool new camera to take pictures of your cool wall!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Glad you are having fun with painting :)