Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Picture Fest

Willis is getting SO big!

Fall is a time for delicious fall foods. I have been making a lot of them. One of my favorites is my pumpkin chowder recipe. I have made it twice now and it has been delicious every time.

There is still loads of reading going on at our house. And Lindsey is starting to put together simple words like C-A-T. It's so exciting to watch them learn.

Painting clay canopic jars for our study of Ancient Egypt. Our lapbook has been a 3 month study and we have had a lot of fun. That will be up next when it is finished.

The image isn't very good, but these are our canopic jars. Emily's is the head of a dog she decided in place of their gods. I tried to have mine be closer to the falcon headed Qebehsenuef, one of the sons of Horus that were often on the lids of the canopic jars.

The girls lovingly showing off our fall decor.

Our fun little guy!

For Robert's 31st birthday we went to see Toy Story 3. We were the only ones left in the theater when they were playing "You've Got a Friend in Me" in Spanish. The girls decided it was dancing time.

Last but not least Emily became a very big girl and got her ears pierced. It was a fun outing with her cousins and Aunt and she was very brave.

You can't see very well, but she chose rainbow daisy studs. She loves them and feels very grown up.

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The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Willis is a chameleon baby, he looks like everyone! In these pictures he looks like DAD!! And Emily is so brave, I love her earrings!