Wednesday, April 20, 2011

THE SALE and Much More!

If you have read about it before, I love this sale. It is how I get clothes for my kids every year. I spend about $250-300 for the whole year and they have everything they need. It is every spring and fall held at a local Methodist church. I volunteer AND I sell, which I didn't used to do. Now I practically clothe my kids for free. It's so awesome. But it is a lot of hard work. The last couple weeks of March are spent getting ready, tagging, hanging, etc. all of the clothes, toys, books to sell. I had over 200 items. It was another great event and I was super excited because I actually didn't need a lot of clothing for the girls this time. I ended up stocking up the past 6 months and a lot of Emily's clothes still fit- for now. But it doesn't mean I didn't end up buying anything.

I probably got all of this here for $50. The jeans right up front were $2 each with no wear in them. The dresses were about $4 each. I love the blue jacket that is for next year. It's hard to see, but it's pretty stylin'.

Summer shoes are much harder to come by. Let's face it, kids RUIN their sandals. But this was a good year. I was pretty impressed. I love the sketcher's Emily got and the gorgeous Gymboree blue mary jane's were $4.50 with not a scratch on them. Willis got 5 ties for $4.

One of the best parts about volunteering is the pre-sale. All of the volunteers get first picks of all the good stuff. And because I didn't need as many items of clothing for the kids I was finally able to try the toy section. I hear in the fall before Christmas it's amazing! I wish I had two of me and I would love to do both clothes and toys. I should have saved the toys for Easter, but I was so exhausted and I knew Robert was taking the day off to be with them and I thought they would be extra pleasant with new toys. Turns out I was right. They had a blast with them. I found Magnetix
...these amazing magnetic toys provide hours of imaginative play and building. My girls loved them. Course they have to "live" up high in a closet because one lost magnetic ball could be doom for a little baby. There was a giant bag of plastic + velcro middle play food for $2. A Leap Frog cash register for $5, a bag of My Little Ponies $1 and a few more odds and ends. Those were the big ones I found and they are still a huge hit.

Another amazing sale. However, I wore myself down to the last wire. What we crazy parents won't do to clothe our kids and in my case clothe, save money, sell AND let's face it I love to shop. To me this is so much more fun than retail. I love a good deal and I love feeling like I saved money on something so I can spend it on something else- like decorating and remodeling my house. Unfortunately this time I was so worn down that I got sick right after this crazy event. Good thing it was after and not before.