Wednesday, July 16, 2008


20 years ago I was...

1. Five, it was an important time in my life. :P
2. Played popples with my siblings
3. Loved being a kid

10 Years ago I was...

1. 15 and dieing to turn 16
2. Was studying and learning... with a touch of boy-craziness (okay a lot of it)
3. Taking art class, singing in choir, re-taking piano lessons and hanging out with friends
4. Being a regular obnoxious teen I am sure

5 Years ago I was...

1. I was married 1 year
2. Went to Disneyland for our Anniversary for my first time and got super sick because...
3. I was newly pregnant with Emily
4. Trying to work while keeping food in my stomach and not puking it up

3 Years ago I was...

1. Playing with my Emily
2. Being a part time student
3. Teaching art lessons to a couple friends

1 Year ago I was...

1. A mommy of 2 kids
2. Trying to catch up on sleep
3. Enjoying my time with them

So far this year...

1. I have started a blog. HAHA!
2. Learned a lot of awesome things to help us with our future
3. Visited my family in Montana
4. Gone back to my art school- YAY!

Yesterday I...

1. Stupidly finished a lame book during un-holy hours of the night
2. Played outside with my girls and enjoyed the sunshine
3. Did I mention reading and that the book was 620 pages? Yeah, that is most of what I did.
4. Made a sparse dinner because I hate all food right now. Tomato soup, toast, mac and cheese, whatever there was, but we did have a neighborhood ice cream party so that made up for the rest of the calories.

Today I...

1. Back to cleaning my house
2. Reading library books with my girls
3. Back outside playing
4. Running tonight with my friend to get 1 of my 3 hours a week in.


1. I will get the car and go crazy with my girls... again.


Jill, Wes, and Andy said...

Isn't it crazy how much you remember as you do this tag? Wes and I have had a few good laughs as we tried to remember. Thanks for playing

Rachel said...

That's a fun tag. :)