Saturday, August 9, 2008


I finished another painting. This one I have been working on and off for awhile. I finished it last week and am glad it is done. I don't hate it, but I have others I like more. I think eventually when I have the space to do it, to put it in one of my kids rooms or a playroom. I am now working on one MUCH harder. Have you see the cathedral in Russia called St. Basil's? I will be painting that. My art teacher has a new method he wants me to try and I am kind of nervous about it, but excited too. Both my older and younger sister have lived in Russia for a time and have taken beautiful pictures of it while they were there. My older sister really wants a painting of St. Basil's and I think it will really stretch my abilities to try and paint it. We will see how that turns out and I will post it on here when it is finished. In the mean time, enjoy my latest painting.


Rachel said...

AHHH! I'm freaking out!! That looks amazing!!! I love how cute that is and how fun it would be to put in a playroom someday when you have a house!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! I can't wait for St. Basil's. It makes me jittery with excitement!!!!

Proctor Funk said...

OK I had to read and RE-read that! I thought you painted actual wooden blocks! That is amazing!!! You have a real talent! I agree with Rachel, maybe one day you can have it in a playroom! I'm excited for St. Basil's!!!