Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh, Spring How I Love Thee

I have missed warm weather, the sun, the allergies... well maybe not those. I can't help it, Spring is truly one of my most favorite seasons. Yes, I have a sun allergy where I get hives from the UV rays of the sun and it is worse than ever in the Spring. If I cover myself every hour with SPF 50 sunscreen than the hives are lessened, but I still manage to itch a lot. And I have other allergies that plague me, along with my asthma. But I don't care! Robert and I talk about my love for Spring every year and he always insists that Spring is the worst season. It just teases you as you wait for Summer to be here. All of the things that I just mentioned he does his best to remind me that Spring is just not as good as Summer. I always disagree. I deal with all of the not so good things of the season, but I feel SO happy when I see the trees start to bud, the first flowers pop out of the ground and the wonderful warm breezy days. We go see the lights at Temple Square every year during Christmas time and just as important to me is going in the Spring to see the tulips and daffodils.

Today we were out in the beautiful weather. Lindsey insisted on wearing a very Spring yellow flowered skirt, had yellow flower clips in her hair and was just so cute in sandals. Maybe it seems early to be wearing them in 65 degree weather. But it was too beautiful not to dress her in. I wish I had taken some pictures now. I took some with my sister-in-law's camera at her house. I put sunscreen on my kids early in the day, but spaced it later on. Poor Lindsey burned her neck front and back, her cheeks and nose. Oh, it's so sad. Anyway, I just had to mention my happiness at the weather these days. I will be fine if all the rest of March, April and May is like this.


Heather the Mama Duk said...

I have another friend allergic to the sun and I'm allergic to water. Weird.

I love spring.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

I love spring but I'm not excited to start itching too. I should take a before and after picture of my arms. But the end of summer they look like hamburger with funky white spots and hivey-icky rash everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I love Spring too! It sounds like fun to go down to temple square & look at all of the pretty flowers. I hope that you can continue to enjoy the season even though you have to deal with the whole allergy thing.