Sunday, August 16, 2009

More Awesome Deals

I love finding deals if I have not mentioned that before. It is a sort of therapeutic high for me to find things I want or need for great prices. I used to love shopping at malls as a teenager and now I can't stand them unless I am there to just window shop or have something specific in mind. There is nothing but a bunch of over priced items in uppidity stores who think their merchandise is worth my arm and leg just because it is "Gap". Don't get me wrong there are rare occasions when I find the deal of a century in a mall, but they aren't very frequent. I have a hard time spending money without feeling guilt so when I find smashing deals it makes it feel SO good! Here are some of my latest finds:

Prismacolor art pencils are the best colored pencils out there and I love drawing with them. They are also more than a dollar a pencil. I have an old 48 pencil set that I have worn down and had to replace half of the stubs in the set because I use them for more than just drawing. Well, I wanted to go bigger and get a 72 pencil set. I found online that it was much cheaper than in the store and I could get them for $50 with $8 shipping. Not too bad considering they are normally $85 or so not on sale. My friend sent me a link to an art supply online store that had a fluke price of $13.00 for 132 pencils! I freaked out and ordered them immediately. Of course though, I didn't get them sent to me and had to go calling the company. They told me that unfortunately they could in no way honor the $13.00 for the set, but they would do it for $50. Ummmm... YES!
So here I am with my awesome set!

I love Target, they are awesome! Especially in deals. I love Vans gluten-free waffles and they are $3.50 not on sale for 6 waffles. They double as pretty good bread so I use them for sandwiches when they are on sale. Well I found them in their freezer section for $1.50 a box! Awesome price and I grabbed 10 boxes. When I bought them they rang up at 50 cents a box! When I went back a couple days later to grab 4 more boxes, they were back to $1.50. I don't know how I got the fluke price, but I will take it.

Also at Target were the cutest open toed heels for $6.24. Yeah, they are really cute and so cheap. It was love because of the price and they are pretty comfortable too. And I should mention that on this same shoe is on sale for $17.48.
And a couple weeks ago Smith's grocery store matched all of my manufacturer's coupons so I spent about $150 in groceries and saved about $100 in groceries with many items being under a $1.00 or even free.

So there you have some of the things I am happy about right now. Sigh for good deals. Its so nice.


The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Those are the cutest shoes EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

jugglingpaynes said...

Nice pencils! (You can see what my priorities are)If I had known how valuable they are, I would never have let my children have my old set of Prismacolor pencils! Art supplies have gotten so pricey!

Peace and Laughter,

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Great deals!