Sunday, September 6, 2009

New School Year

We have started our school year this last week. Though we are taking a week off or so later for vacation. Emily is really excited for a bunch of books we have this year. She has been really enjoying math recently which is awesome! And she is waiting patiently for the mail to send her an educational game called "slamwich". She has also had a lot of fun this summer going to park days with her homeschool friends. She has made friends with a lot of the kids and with a very cute poodle named Peanut. She enjoyed playing games in the trees and climbing them. It was nice to take a break from classes and just have fun. We are also on the look out for a lesson of some kind. She has talked about taking ballet again, but says she is not sure. We better find out soon what we will be doing since sign ups are beginning now. We are excited to join with other field trips and homeschoolers and learn this year. For more regular updates come visit us at our homeschool blog through out the year. Have a great school year to all of the moms and kids!