Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Exciting News and Crazy Times

I haven't updated our Christmas pictures or anything yet. We have been very busy. We are ready to announce the July arrival of baby #3 to our home. We are very excited. Emily especially. She asks daily what is going on next with the baby, how big is it, what is growing and oh when, oh WHEN is the ultrasound? She is really cute. She wants the baby to be here now she says. Having this be a big part of the chaos is a large reason I haven't updated. I think it is a boy this time, but will truly be happy with whatever I get. I LOVE my girls and another one would be wonderful and a boy would be awesome to experience and buy infant bow ties for.

The other reason is just every day crazy and bouts of sickness in the house. The usual fun stuff life is made of. Everything else is going really well. Emily is learning and doing really well. Her writing has improved a lot and looks so cute. She has been writing in a journal for her school work and that has really helped. Though she is too advanced for Kindergarten math and understands a lot of 1st grade math, we are getting stuck on place value so that is taking some extra time to make sure she really understands it. We have been spending a lot of the cold gray days with friends and having fun play dates at least twice a week. It really helps all of us cope with the blah of winter. Lindsey has been learning more and more of her letter sounds. I love it! Like when she says "Rocks Mommy, R-r-r-rocks" or "Gone, G-g-g-gone". Its really awesome to watch her already be showing pre-reading readiness. Like asking me what things say and knowing that the words are what tells her the story. Or recognizing letters on signs outside. And Emily is so great and encouraging about it too.

We are busy, there is disorder and clutter while I have struggled with morning sickness, but hopefully the worst is behind me. Everything is great.


The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

WOOHOOOOOOOOO!!! I'm so excited for you guys!!!Hopefully I can get preggo soon and our bebes can be bestest friends! :)

Heather the Mama Duk said...


Papa Paradigm said...

Yeah! Congratulations guys. It seems like everyone is pregnant, it's exciting.

Munford Family said...

Congratulations Jessica! I'm glad to hear you are all feeling better, it seems to have been a long winter for your family.

Cami said...

YEA! Congratulations! So happy for you guys! Hope you feel better soon.

jugglingpaynes said...

Congratulations! My favorite line was, "awesome to experience and buy infant bow ties for." LOL!

Do you think you will be able to try a homebirth? If not, I at least hope you can find a good midwife. I loved every midwife I used, in all different situations. If you have any questions, feel free to use my email (on my profile).

So glad you are over the morning sickness. That can really make a long day longer! I was pregnant with Sierra when Chase was kindergarten age. As a result, I can barely remember his first official homeschooling year!

Peace and Laughter,