Thursday, September 30, 2010

Books on Tape

Moving to the west side and being farther from family has contributed to much longer car rides for myself and my kids. To make it more bearable we have started doing books on tape. We only have a tape deck, but we also have an adapter for a CD player if we need it. So far we have found the books we want on tape at the library. Once upon a time we did Winnie the Pooh and the girls were too little to remember it, even if they did enjoy it at the time.

Recently we have listened to one of my childhood favorites, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And I was surprised at how quick it was. The girls loved it and were sad when it was over.

After that one we moved onto Hello Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. They loved this one because they would talk about the things the kids shouldn't have done, like be "cry baby" or "whisper" about other people. I liked how the families were tightly knit in the stories and the mother's were genuinely concerned for their kids no matter what troubles they had.
After we finished this one the girls had decided they really liked listening in the car and would ask to have me turn them on as soon as we got in the car. I was happy when I found Stuart Little at the library and we have been enjoying this one a lot. I think we may need to start putting some others on hold because of how much we have enjoyed this past time in the car. Sometimes they are so interesting we don't want to leave.
I think this will be one of those things we will be continuing. We love to learn at our house and this is definitely a fun way to do it.

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