Thursday, January 20, 2011

Field Trips

We love our homeschool park day friends and when it got cold this year none of us wanted to quit playing. So we decided it was time to go on more field trips as a group. We went to a grocery store for one of them. They showed the kids the very cold freezer and let them walk inside. I didn't venture in, I stayed in the refrigerated area to take the pictures.

The group went on a field trip to a candy factory that sadly we missed. But after that there was the Tower theatre. It has been used in the Sundance film festival and was open in 1920. It's really cool.

It was really dark in the theatre and the guide was awesome and showed the kids the projector and talked about the building. Fascinating place! And then he showed us 2 Charlie Chaplin films and the fact that the theatre was called Tower Talkies because it was one of the first to have talking films. The kids thought the first Charlie Chaplin film was really funny. One of my dad's favorite movies is City Lights with Chaplin. He even popped us all a little popcorn. It was a lot of fun.

We have had a great time so far and hope to go on many more field trips. The girls get so excited when I tell them we are going on a field trip. I think its my turn to plan one too so I better get cracking!

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