Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Family

Flying Willis! Don't you just love those chubby fat legs? I just want to munch on them all the time.

The love of a daddy for his little boy is so precious I can hardly capture it.

So beautiful. His sweet face makes me think of this Mindy Gledhill song. I think of this song a lot when I look at my kids.

He is really loved in our home.

He's one cool dude and his sisters make sure of that!

Emily lost her two front teeth. She is very cute and big. She is so awesome and helps everyone in the family so much. I am so lucky to have such a good friend as my daughter.

What a sweet smile. How can she pull off beautiful so effortlessly?

I am one blessed Mom to be given such amazing kids and loving husband. We sure don't have much, but we really do have it all.


Mama Teaching 3 said...

That little boy is so loved! What a blessing to see him so adored here. :)

jugglingpaynes said...

Such adorable pictures! What a beautiful happy family!

Thanks for your comment. It is a terrible shame what school does to math. I was a natural mathematician--I loved making miniatures and built several dollhouses when I was a teenager, but I never thought I was good at math because I didn't understand it in school!

Peace and Laughter,