Monday, December 10, 2007

Snowy, Blowy Fun!

Emily and I bundled up really warm for the first big snow storm last Saturday. We were all stuck inside while it was coming down so we left Lindsey in with her daddy and we played for about an hour and a half. It was really fun actually. I hadn't done anything like that since I was a kid. We tried to build a snowman, but it didn't work with this early snow. It wouldn't hold together. We gave up on that and went in the little play house pretending to be lost girls feeding the deer at the window (I know, I never really did grow up). Emily went down a few of the slides covered with snow. I thought it was a great idea to try and go up the snow covered slide. I landed right with my face in the snow. Yumm... polluted wetness. We walked around some more, threw snowballs at each other and finally went behind the building and found a sled that someone had left behind. This hill is a pretty decent sledding hill and tons of the older kids go down it whenever it snows. They had worn some pretty decent grooves into it when we got up there. I always try to steer it a little to the right so as not to hit the tree or go over the giant bump the kids constructed so you are air born for a time. It is kind of fun going over the bump, but when you hit the ground you bottom isn't very happy. Ouch! It was a blast though! We slid down about 20 times and finally I was wet in my shoes and needed some rest. We went inside and sipped hot chocolate. Its great having kids this age so I have an excuse to play like I am 5 again.


The Gunnell Bunch said...

You guys are hilarious! I bet you'll find Emily in her room playing "lost girls" with her blankey over her head when she's 16 too, hehe. :) That sounds like a blast! If you can believe it, Logan got hardly any snow. What the...!?!? We're still waiting for our snowy, blowy day.

Sherri said...

You are also very lucky to have all of that beautiful snow to make your Christmas even cozier and funner!!! Enjoy it...send some our way, or at least the cold weather that goes with it!!!