Friday, December 7, 2007

Naked Pancakes

Maple Syrup: I really like 100% pure maple syrup. It is good and because of my celiac disease and the fact that gluten is in all the other processed syrups. It is the one I can have. Why then does it have to be $5 for a tiny bottle?! I can guess why. It is hard to sap out a tree and get all that maple syrup. So much easier to dump junk in a bottle, with loads of high fructose corn syrup and gluten and call it maple syrup. At Costco the other day I got so excited as I saw a tub of natural maple syrup. Then of course I raise my eyes to the price on the tiny sign above to lure you in. $19.95! I sigh and feel very sad. I can on occasion spend $4-5 on a tiny one when we have the money, but at no point do I have $20 to spend on syrup. Course my sadness was compounded when my husband points out that next to it is a double tub of Mrs. Butterworths crap-in-a-bottle-trying-to-pass-as-maple-syrup for $4.95. Sigh. Glad they will be enjoying their pancakes and syrup for a long time to come and I will have to find a way to enjoy mine in their "natural" state.


Sherri said...

I'm so sorry :(. I wish you could hve the "crap in a bottle" :(!!

The Gunnell Bunch said...

Mmmm...high fructose corn syrup...drooling. I actually am not a 100% maple syrup fan. I like the ultra sugar blast of fake syrup. My favorite though are the berry syrups and they are gluten free...mmm.