Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas and the Day After

Christmas CAME! We had a wonderful holiday! Christmas Eve was spent with just us. We read the scriptures and sang carols. It was so great. Emily opened her Christmas Eve pj's to sleep in and I got some black ones from Robert. Robert got some plaid pj bottoms. So cute! Lindsey didn't get any cause she has enough jammies. I was so excited to watch Emily open presents. She got the most this year. Especially since Lindsey can share all her toys as she gets older. Oh, if I could list it all it would be amazing! Let's just say her favorites- though she seems to be trading off playing with all of them.

Prince and Princess Barbie and carriage, Cinderella with accessories, Dora back-pack with detachable wings, Candyland, Hooked on Phonics books, Ballerina Barbie, dress up dresses and shoes and lots more. Lindsey got an adorable outfit, cute pj's, coloring tool for babies, stackable cups and toy phone. Robert got a blender- ours was a piece of junk- to make his favorite thing- shakes. Weights, and a white board- he can't stand not to have something for messages. Robert got me an awesome art easel- wonderful!-lotion, foot soak, and the book The Holy Temple by President Boyd K. Paker- the special leather bond edition. Really great stuff. And our families really blessed us with some awesome things! Thank you! And we loved spending the holidays with you!

We woke up and got dressed and ate breakfast. I know, when I was a kid that would have been too much, but it is nice to be all ready before you open presents. Makes it feel less messy. My sister Brittany and my Dad came over to visit, then we headed to other families houses. On the way to my in-laws Wesley and Jill's house Lindsey threw up in the car. We cleaned it all up and then two hours later she threw up inside.

I prepared today, the day after the whole event, for the throw up sickies. She hasn't thrown up since then. I am hoping it was something she ate, though I didn't feel all that hot yesterday, but assumed it was eating a million fattening cookies and truffles. Emily doesn't want to get dressed and has been in pj's all day as has the baby and I have been in grudgies. Ah, its nice to have a day to just play. I have been loving the zero stress thing and no need to go anywhere. Candyland playing, reading, etc. And tonight I am making chicken, potatoes and veggies- lots of veggies. I have got to get some healthy eating in. I am so FAT now and I don't seem to care. I will eventually. I care more about the fact that I feel so sick. Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!

No house work today that isn't absolutely essential.


Sherri said...

I love just staying home and playing too...that's what we do on Christmas Day!

The Gunnell Bunch said...

Hehe, love the day after mess. I will forego taking pictures of it for posterity sake.