Monday, September 1, 2008

Art Blog

I have now become a serial blogger! I thought 2 blogs was enough, one main blog, one homeschool one. That was all I could handle, right? Wrong! I have added an art blog. I find that because of blogging I take more pictures, I write about what my family is doing and I feel like I get more things done because I am always wanting to document good memories for my kids and I make a point to make those memories. Well, I am finding myself to be more stagnant in how often I paint. I am doing more than before because of my art lessons, but I need to do more. I can't let my talents go to waste while being a mom. I stay up late enough to read through everyone's blog posts, email, message boards. Why not do that at the same time I paint? So I have started it and it has been helping. I really want to have art study goals, etc. and I want to share them too. That is the reason for the art blog. So come and check it out! There isn't much there yet, but the goal is to fill it up! Have fun checking out my work.

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Rachel said...

I'm excited to see more, very cool! We'll be serial bloggers together. :)