Tuesday, September 2, 2008


My sister Rachel tagged Lindsey so I will do a post all about her.

Name and meaning: Lindsey Brooke. Well, I looked up the definition of Lindsey and it is old English meaning "Lincoln's marsh; island of linden trees". Okay... Really before she was born we couldn't agree on any names but this one. We went to the hospital still not convinced it would be her name, but while we were there, nothing else came to us and it seemed to fit her well. It is also a family name on Robert's side, he has ancestors that came over seas named Lindsay with an sAy and they were all men. Brooke is my sweet little sister's name and I have always loved it. The other story with that is that at one time my mom and my Aunt were pregnant with little girls. They had them hours apart and 2 separate days. They both had 2 names Lindsey or Brooke. They decided they wouldn't let it influence their choice and my Aunt just happened to name her daughter Lindsey and my mom named my sister Brooke. So I ended up combining the two. :P

Age: 19 months old. She gets to have a January birthday like her mommy.

Nicknames: Pinsey, Pinseykins, Kinsey, Pinwheel and she now calls herself "Neeny" so that is her new one.

Favorite activities: Playing with pretend food and feeding people, pushing toy cars on the and making it's sound, going outside, etc. She loves to look and books and "read" them just like her big sister. And she loves to play chase and SCREAM with Emily. (the screaming part drives me crazy and has GOT to stop!)

Favorite foods: She likes most foods, meat, peas, grapes she LOVES, bananas, bread, eggs, rice, corn, beans, etc. She really isn't very picky. She of course loves sweets. The other day she had a cupcake for a birthday party, her cousin 2 weeks younger than her, just sat and licked at the frosting. Lindsey took it with both hands and SHOVED it frosting side first into her mouth. :D

Least favorite foods: For some reason she doesn't like pears and just like Emily, won't even try potatoes.

Favorite music: She loves music. She dances to anything, she tries to sing the A,B,C song with us and our night time primary songs. She walks around saying 8 all the time and finally I realized it meant A, but she likes to put a T at the end of words like "shoe".

Favorite toys: Loves the phone, real or fake. She also LOVES her baby doll. She has mothered that cheap ratty baby doll since she was 13 months and still crawling. She hugs it, loves it, feeds it, wraps it in a blanket and puts it to bed. She also has recently become attached to Elmo and our cheap Elmo doll and she can now ask for it by name.

Favorite book: She has a Blue's Clues board flap book that she has pretty much ripped and worn most of the flaps to death but she loves it.

Favorite item of clothing: Well, she LOVES shoes and is obsessed with her shoes, Emily's shoes, my shoes, etc. She puts them on her, on anyone who will let her. And she likes wearing Grandma's play beads and calling herself "petty".

What makes her happy: Going anywhere with her mommy and her sister, swinging, eating, her "key-key"- her blanket. Playing with toys, being tickled.

What makes her sad: When Emily picks her up when she doesn't want it, getting out of the swing, being put in the car seat too many times in one day, being physically hurt in ANY way.

I tag: Spring with Mia
Trisha with Kelsie
Jeanette with Elijah
and Bridgette with Colton

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That picture of her is hilarious! I love that.