Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September 11th

I have never had a blog to share my feelings openly about what September 11th was like for me and where I was when it happened. I have mixed feelings about that whole thing. It was such a sad time, but turned out to be so happy for me long term. I was in the car with my dad, he was driving me to my college classes when we were having our typical fight over the radio. Who should get to control it and will it be my dad's favorite (talk radio) or mine (music). I won that morning, until we heard the DJs talking about a moron flying his plane into the Trade Center building. We were surprised and changed to talk radio where we got the whole story of 2 planes, both towers, terrorists and then the announcement of the Pentagon as well. I was stunned, but thought we would still be holding class.

When I got to English class all the teacher was doing was watching the news and everyone was talking. He excused us for the day and very few professors had class still going. We all watched the TV in the main area and I talked with a cousin of mine, until I decided I needed to go to a spiritual place and headed to the religious Institute building. It was on every TV there too. I talked with my friends and the called my parents because there was speculation of Osama Bin Laden going into China to hide and my sister was then over seas in China, 50 miles from Afghanistan. The next day, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang and the First Presidency did a memorial service that was on broad cast to the Institute. It was there that I felt really sad and heard this annoying guy behind me laughing and giggling during a somber moment. My friend Hilary kept giving him crusties.

The next day I met that annoying guy, he turned out to not be so annoying and in fact was a very cute nice guy. I dated and married him and we have been blissfully happy ever since. So the interesting thing is that when it happened I had a thought that after that time my life would never be the same. And it was true, but in a very positive way. I can't be completely sad during this time. I remember the emotions, the friendships, the worry, the sadness for so many lives lost and the love that I found after such a difficult time.

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