Tuesday, October 7, 2008

General Conference

This last weekend was the 178th semi-annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I love this time of year, every spring and fall. I love hearing from our leaders about Jesus Christ, about love, hope, family and the many things I need to be doing to improve myself in being a disciple of Christ. It is also a time to be with family. I always try to write notes during each talk, but with kids, I don't always reach that goal. I always feel the love of the Lord when I hear the prophet speak and also to know that none of the speakers are given subjects, but that they pray about what they should say. But the talks given often mirror one another. This one was the same, many talks on being able to handle the trials in life. How the Lord does not leave us in our struggles, but will come to us when we call. I also just adore the music, done by The Mormon Tabernacle Choir I loved when they sang this, one of my favorite hymns, I Know That My Redeemer Lives.

I always find comfort too that the talks are reprinted in the next months Ensign so that what I missed, I can read through. These are the notes I did get to take and some of the important things I remembered:

Elder L. Tom Perry talked about not being able to predict what our struggles will be. And that often living a simpler life of health, eating right, getting enough sleep, can help with managing our stress. And being sure to live within our means. To be sure to be prepared for the hard times with food storage and to save for a rainy day. But also to be prepared spiritually.

Elder Dieter F. Uchdorf spoke about his life as a child living through WWII. His father who was made to fight for the German army and his mother who tried to protect her children. While they were on a train, she left to find food for her 4 hungry kids and when she came back, the train was gone. She was scared, but she acted and prayed and was able to find them safe, even though there was a chance she might never see them again. "We have hard times, but hope is powerful. Overcome the temptation to loose hope. Despair strengthens sickness and deadens the heart... There are things to hope FOR and things to hope IN. The things we hope IN can sustain us in our daily walk. We hope in Jesus Christ. In times of distress we can hope that all things will be for our good... The Lord is the hope of His people."

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin spoke of similar things and said that everyone has heartache and sorrow and the Lord does not shield any of us away from it. "The rain falls on the just and the unjust". Laugh, seek for the eternal. The dial on the wheel of sorrow must eventually point to us and no one is exempt. "Along with every tear today will be answered 100 fold with tears of rejoicing."

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland spoke about angels and how the Lord has sent them through out the scriptures to help his children. And he still sends them today to aide us. They are here to comfort and in the course of life we all have dreary times and these times are very difficult and these angels help us as they helped Jesus Christ. "Be filled with faith as the Lord will fight our battles". Angels can also be one another as we can be the angels in each others lives.

Elder Russel M. Nelson talked about the plan of happiness and the importance of choice. There are "patterns of the shopper", some look for quality, durability, others for bargains and others for price. Others cast aside personal integrity and steal what they want. These patterns can be applied to marriage. Couples choose marriage of high quality or lesser types that won't endure and others steal what they want as "marital shoplifters". Marriage between a man and a woman is sacred. Gender is an essential part of the plan of salvation. A temple marriage is not just between husband and wife, but in partnership with God.

There were many wonderful talks that I remember and loved. I was so grateful to hear from the Prophet Tomas S. Monson as he said how we teach in our meetings by the Spirit of the Lord and I definitely feel that especially during this special time. The Lord is mindful of the challenges we face in the world. And as we obey His commandments, seek Him through prayer we will be blessed. Be good citizens and neighbors, be honest with one another and have integrity. If we work together we can alleviate suffering of others.

There were also 5 new temple buildings announced. Kansas City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Calgary Alberta, Canada, Cordoba, Argentina and Rome, Italy. I love the blessings of the temple and am always so happy to hear of new temples being built for the saints to have those blessings too. Not to mention how much I love Italy and now this is a new incentive for me to visit. *chuckle* I love Conference and am so grateful for it and look forward to the upcoming Ensign.


Heather the Mama Duk said...

Nice overview :) Conference is a really neat thing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing how you were inspired by General Conference. I really enjoy reading your blog. ~Kendra