Tuesday, October 21, 2008


My sister-in-law Jill tagged my with 5 Things

5 Things...

5 Shows I watch

1. Jon and Kate plus 8
2. The Office (when I can)
3. Lots of HGTV shows
4. Law and Order SVU (when I catch it)
5. Star Trek re-runs (really, I rarely ever get a chance to watch TV, but on the occasion that I do, those seem to be what I watch)

5 Restaurants
1. Outback Steakhouse (I am listing the ones I CAN eat at)
2. PF Changs
3. Biaggi's
4. Sweet Tomatoes
5. Brazilian places (couldn't think of any others since I never eat out)

5 Thing that happened yesterday
1. Called the mortgage people
2. Called the agent
3. Went outside
4. Forgot to take Lindsey's Elmo movie back to the library
5. Put an offer in on a house

5 Things to look forward to

1. Some day having a house- any house!
2. Robert's graduation and for that matter MINE in the distant future
3. Some day selling my art... somewhere
4. Loving my cute girls every day
5. Another baby in the future

5 Things I love about fall

1. The colors
2. The smell
3. Pumpkins!
4. Emily's and Lindsey's excitement about pumpkins, costumes, watching them lag behind to crunch the leaves, etc.
5. It's closer to the holiday season

5 Thing on my wish list

1. New couch- or just better couch
2. Bigger kitchen or just an actual kitchen instead of a wall of cupboards, sink and Barbie stove pretending to be a kitchen.
3. 72 or more Prismacolor art colored pencils- why is my career so expensive??
4. A New bed
5. Being able to take care of my family and continue filling our home with love.

5 Things important to me

1. My faith
2. My husband and girls
3. My health
4. The safety of my family
5. My freedoms

5 People I tag

1. Rachel
2. Brigitte
3. Chalen
4. Spring
5. Trisha
And anyone else who wants to play!

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