Friday, November 16, 2007


Okay, maybe it will break the ice if I just admit this here and now. I haven't been comfortable blogging yet. I LOVE to read other people's blogs. I think they are wonderful, creative and so spontaneous. And I think "But my life isn't like that. I have fun, love being a mom, have the greatest husband and the two most beautiful and wonderful girls. But it isn't exciting." How do others turn their lives into something so fun to read?

You may not believe this, but before I gave my heart and soul to being an artist and a mother, I wanted to be a journalist. I wrote and wrote. Stories and poetry- that I still have and I have read them and laughed my guts out that I ever thought my pointless stories could ever be published, but hey I was a kid. Then I went on to get A's on all my college papers, mainly because I practiced at writing. Now I feel so rusty. I used to write in a journal nearly every night. I filled up at least 10 large journals through my childhood. I can hardly find time once every 3 months to journal write. This is probably why I love the idea of blogging.

There is my confession. I figured I should get it out in the open so you aren't wondering why I didn't say more about Halloween or our cute turkey-lurk hands. I guess just joining the blog world by frequenting more and more of everyone else's will aid in strengthening mine. And get me to see that what I see as boring or "usual", is much more than that. Besides, I love being a mom! I just need to practice writing about what I love doing more than anything else in the world.


The Gunnell Bunch said...

Eh, are you kidding!? Posts like this make blogs fun where you "humanize" yourself. I love it! 'fess away!

Sherri said...

The main thing I look for in a new blog are have plenty of those!
Just write what's in your heart :).