Friday, November 16, 2007


Let me explain the title of this post. I come from a family who is obsessed with giving every member of the family a weird nick name. Often they stemmed from a sibling being unable to pronounce a name and it resulted in an odd nick name from there after. Nick names like, Tachow, Daddo- my sister Rachel's, Bean (my brother picked that one himself), Pooh (Nicole in behalf of Mr. Winnie the Pooh), Weeny (yes, I am admitting this in my blog- THAT one was mine. :< I did not choose it and luckily I wasn't called that one near as often as Heika or Jessa- those I can handle). There are a few that didn't turn out so nice. Ahem, Putz for one. It turned from Nathan, to NAfuts, to NAputz- Putz. We are so nice aren't we. Oh AND even the DOG has several nick names. His name is Boaz and we have affectionately nick named him, Bo, Bocutis of Borg (yes like Locutis from Star Trek), Beyudldorg, Beyudelaz, etc. You can think of it, it has probably been used.

So sadly I think I have inherited that nack of making psychotic nick names for my children. They are going to love me I am sure. So far with Emily we have Emmy- not too bad. Mily, Mily-puff and Puff of the Mily. Poor Lindsey, here are hers. Lindsey-kins, Pindsey, Pindsey-kins and sometimes I just shorten it to Pins. "Isn't that nice, your daughter is named what? Pins" As they turn and walk away rolling their eyes. Anyway, I was getting "Pindsey" ready for her bath when I left to go get a towel and came back to this: She just thought she would take a light read while she waited. You guessed it, my kids are so brilliant I have them reading before they turn a year old. Too bad I can't get them to crawl before then, but you know... its hard being a mom. lol

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The Gunnell Bunch said...

What an enormous smile, so cute. I didn't realize how skinny she was! She must have a hollow leg or something with how much she eats.