Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Emily Dreams

Emily is just like her mommy. She has very vivid dreams. She tells me every morning about her dreams and they are just a scream. Here are some of the ones I remember her telling me about.

She had a dream that she pushed Lindsey down the stairs and in her words Lindsey "brokeded". She woke up and asked me if Lindsey was "brokeded".

Another dream was that her cousin Andy was chasing her and wouldn't let her get to her mommy.

And the last one I can remember is her telling me about breaking the house when she karate kicked it. She told me said "high ya!" and it broke and I was mad at her. She is sure silly.


The Gunnell Bunch said...

Wow, she must have inherited that! I have psycho dreams too. That's so funny that she remembers them so vividly! Savanna took after Danny and seems to be a "non-dreamer." I love that she says "brokeded!"

Nicole Dowdle said...

That is so sweet that she tells you her dreams! That's way cute. Haha, Emily is so random. I love her! She's hilarious.