Friday, November 30, 2007

Ah, Junky Cars, How Wonderful

I look at the calendar and realize it is the LAST day of November. Where did the month go? Most likely it went with my sanity after the holiday. We nearly burned our kitchen down with the second turkey. Flames shot at Robert's head as the turkey juices spilled out into the oven in the excitement of it all Robert dropped the turkey with its gravy juices, all over the floor. His hair, eyelashes and eyebrows were singed, but we are thankful that his head was okay. I seriously volunteer someone else to cook the turkey next year. It was pretty good though. Who knew fire could make it so moist and succulent?

After I looked at the date and saw that it was the last day I realized that CRAP, I need to pay rent. Now we have two cars. One is a Crown Victoria police interceptor we got at an auction. Robert is tall and really the big car makes sense. The second was his Grandpa's car that was given for free. I am really grateful to have it because when I need to go anywhere, Robert leaves me the Crown Vic and he takes the other one. The "other one" is a red-ish Buick that is falling apart. Weather stripping problems, turn signal not working for turning left, the body is rusting away, etc. However, it gets much better gas mileage than our Vic. Seriously the Vic gets about 16-18 mpg! It is a hog! We have put $ in to try and fix it and nothing works. Drives me batty and I think it is getting worse.

Anywho, I don't drive the red junk because it is pretty unsafe for carseats. Well, today I had no choice since Robert forgot to leave the other car. I had to use an old car seat of Emily's and walk up the hill with Lindsey in the baby seat and carrying Emily's seat in the other. It didn't help that my neighbor saw me walking to the car parked on top of the hill with both seats in hand, and asked me if I needed a ride and why I was walking to my destination with two car seats. "Ummm,.. no I am trying to get to that tin can over there so I can pay my rent."

I put the baby in and strap her to the seat belt that doesn't work and watch as she can easily slide from one side of the back seat to the next. Okay, I sure hope there are no wrecks and I don't kill my children today. With the baby safe... uh, strapped in, I put Emily's seat in and try to strap her in too. "Suck in Emily, really hard. Are you sucking in?" "Mommy this is too tight, it hurts." "It's okay, it won't last forever." Next I try to shut the door. Great, it doesn't shut. Well, if I scoot the baby's seat even more towards the other side I can shut the door. Good, it worked.

Now to get there without having to turn left and use that blasted broken turn signal. I get there and can't pull into the skinny stalls at the apartment office. Why do they make these visitor stalls so tiny? Probably to deter people from visiting I guess. Someone is trying to park next to me and can't. I have to pull in and out twice just so they can park and they finally give up waiting for me and find another stall. THANKS! "Emily can you wait for TWO seconds with Lindsey. I will be right back." "No mommy, I don't want to be alone." I stare at her for a minute and think to myself, taking them out, putting them back, squeezing them in, shutting the door. Waaahhhh... I don't want to. Fine. Out with the baby, then Emmy, write the check, out the door, back in the car, tight again, slam the door. Ugh!

Finally back to my messy house where I wish I that if I stared at the mess long enough or twitched my nose it would some how get cleaned on its own. I stared as hard as I could and made my nose sore and my eyes bugged out at the end of the day, but you know it just didn't work. Some days I wish I were Samantha Stevens with the magic twitch.

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