Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Valentine's Day- Late

I realize that I never told about our Valentine's Day holiday! It was really good, but didn't turn out how I planned. I had a card and two caramel chocolate hearts which I put on our bed for Robert. The house was meticulously clean. I like that whenever there is a holiday it has to be nice and clean. Then I had prepared Salmon, really yummy seasoned rice and asparagus. Yummy! The table was set all nice with candles and some "bubbly", which is sparkling grape juice. There were goblets and it smelled wonderful!

Robert came in late because of the snow storm. He wasn't feeling well because of something he ate the day before and felt nauseous and went straight to bed. I tried to get him up to see if eating would help, but I have to admit to being really upset and disappointed. He said it looked nice, but once he left to bed I waited and waited for him to feel better, but it came and went. I put everything away, blew out the candles and put the kids to bed. He came out an hour or more and I had already eaten. He felt really badly and so did I because I know it wasn't intentional, but still disappointing. We gave him the rest of the food and we drank our "bubbly". Then for desert we had fruit dipped in chocolate fondue and watched a movie. It turned out okay in the end, just a little bumpy.


The Gunnell Bunch said...

Ugh, that sounds near depressing!! How sad. I'm glad he got feeling better later and you could enjoy it but I could see how you would feel sad.

Bethany said...

Sorry he was feeling awful. Ours was about as uneventful. Matt had Scouts and so he was only home for about 15 minutes the whole day.