Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sick Baby

Well, Emily got a cold on Sunday and was exhausted all day. It lasted until the next day and was gone. The way she looked and acted I felt we were in for a really bad time, but nope, it was in and out with no problems. Lindsey however got whatever Emmy had and within a day started with fevers of 103. We took her in, it is just a virus. So we waited it out. She got SO bad! She wouldn't eat or hardly drink and just looked to be the most miserable baby soul. We were getting so worried. So we called the Dr. up and were told if she was worse to bring her in again.

So I mustered up the last of my strength- because of the many fevers I had been up with the sick baby so Robert could get sleep for work- and I took both kids again to the Dr. They saw the beginnings of an inner ear infection and bronchitis as she coughs. Her breathing is good though, which is great. We were given an antibiotic and headed home. In the office she clung to me like a baby monkey and slept all the way home, even in the grocery store. And when we came home at 2:00 she slept all the way until 8:00. I went out because it was my dad's birthday and I picked up my sister in law Amberly to go to his birthday dinner at my Aunt's house. When I came home she was sitting on her daddy's lap looking worse than before. At 8:00 Robert tried to wake her up and she wouldn't do it, she slept even more until I came home at 11:30 and even then she would NOT stay awake. We decided to have Robert take her to the Primary Children's hospital. I couldn't physically take anymore. They were there from midnight until 5:30. But they did help us, they cleaned out her nose twice and said she has RSV and a virus on top of it. Poor baby! They agreed that she is a very sick girl. But she has clear airways and with the cough is able to clear out her airways pretty well.

This is the first day in about 4 days that she has smiled and played. She is still laying around and sleeping long hours, but when she is up she drinks and eats a little. But I just had to show her first smile in a long time. We have been so worried about our very sick baby and we are so happy she is doing better!


Motherbird said...

I'm glad she's feeling better now!

The Gunnell Bunch said...

Poor baby! I was worried when Coley told me all that. I'm glad she's doing better! Won't it be wonderful when all the snow melts and we're not sick anymore??? RSV is scary. I just have to say again how much I *LOVE* your couch cover!!! It definitely looks awesome and totally worth the $60!

Maren said...

Thanks for giving me your blog link! It is so fun to catch up on your family. I'm sorry your kids have been sick. I really hope they feel better soon.