Monday, April 7, 2008

100 Things About Me

>>My sister Rachel tagged me to tell 100 things about myself. Let's see if I can.

1. I am the second oldest of 10 children, 6 sisters, 3 brothers
2. My parents got divorced 1 year ago
3. My mom got remarried last week
4. I now have 4 step siblings, 3 step sisters and 1 step brother
5. I was homeschooled from the 3rd grade on
6. I have taken 10 years of private art lessons
7. My dream is to have my art in galleries and sell for lots of moo-lah
8. I have 4 ribbons from the State Fair in the art competition
9. I volunteered as an intern to Eagle Forum at my state capitol when I was a teenager
10. I did like it, but I had to sit through boring committee meetings and take notes
11. I was very boy crazy as a child
12. I have asthma and take regular medication for it
13. My family was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue when I was 11 and we are all gluten intolerant
14. I have never been on an airplane or out of the country
15. I have driven to over 17 states
16. My husband knows that the one place I must visit before I die is Italy
17. I met my husband when I was 18
18. Robert (my husband) was my first, and only kiss
19. I was also his first and only kiss
20. I got married when I was 19
21. I did not have a driver's license when I got married and got it when I was 20
22. I really like real estate and would love to flip houses for some extra cash
23. I have never broken a bone
24. I am homeschooling my own kids
25. I finally went to Disneyland a year after I was married
26. I married my best friend
28. I broke up with Robert when we were dating for two weeks
29. I LOVE violin music and really wish I could play it
30. I really like international music
31. I am terrified of Sharks and have an ocean phobia
32. I am also fascinated by sharks and watch nature shows and scary movies about them all the time
33. I am a germaphobe and like things to be very clean or I can't think straight
34. Two years ago I got so sick for several months that I dropped 60 lbs and weighed 112 lbs at a size 2
35. I am now a chubby size 8
36. I am a night owl and consistently go to bed anywhere between midnight and 2 a.m.
37. I love to read, everything from classics to non-fiction and self help books
38. I have been called to the nursery 3 times since leaving young women's at 18
39. I can sort of play the piano
40. I really love chocolate
41. I like frogs and had a few pet frogs as a kid
42. I had braces for 1 year 1/2 at age 16
43. I had my second child all naturAL without any pain relievers whatsoever
44. I am a perfectionist
45. I am really hard on myself and expect too much
46. I fear that I won't get to do all the things I want to
47. As a little kid I used to eat the dead flies in the window because I thought they were raisins
48. I slept with my baby blankies until I was married
49. I worked as a grocery store checker when I was 18
50. I used to work as my Uncle Eric's (the folk artist who does DowdleFolkArt in Utah) research artist and worked on some of his pieces with him
51. I actually like to garden now and have had one for 3 straight years
52. I am book obsessed and am always trying to buy more books for me and my kids and am always at the library
53. I want a house with built in bookshelves to fill with books from floor to ceiling and my dream would be to have Belle's library in Beauty and the Beast
54. Math is not my strongest subject
55. I have been working on and off on my Bachelor's while having kids and have taken a break for now and will finish sometime when I am 30-40-ish
56. I still paint
57. I am allergic to the sun and if I forget to put on SPF 50 sunscreen I get itchy hives all over my arms and neck
58. I love to be outside and spend about 6-8 hours a day outside with my kids during good weather
59. I like to blog and go on mommy message boards
60. I have 2 blogs, belong to 3 message boards and have 2 email accounts and 1 facebook account
61. As a kid I loved to daydream
62. I played with Barbies with my little sisters until I was 16
63. I am terrible at taking pictures
64. I volunteered with my family for 4-5 summers and one summer when Emily was little at This Is The Place pioneer village acting out pioneer life
65. I would love to own my own pioneer dress or Civil War dress
66. I used to swing dance every weekend, even though I wasn't that good at it
67. I dated a few guys that were 8 years older than I was- Robert was the young one at 3 years older
68. I also dated (on accident) my 3rd cousin, we decided just to be friends after that :)
69. I have gone swimming in the ocean
70. I used to play basketball for many Saturday mornings and only ever shot and made one basket
71. I was on Seminary Council for church Seminary school when I was 17 and met Virginia Pierce, the daughter of President Hinckley, who spoke at our seminary
72. I have to remind myself to be outgoing as I have become a lot more introverted since being married
73. I love my husband's family and my mother-in-law has become my second mom
74. I have lived with my family in University student housing for 3 1/2 years in an apartment that is 650 square feet
75. I buy almost all of my kids close on consignment or used clothing sales and they always look cute!
76. I have awesome siblings, who I always have so much fun with
77. I used to volunteer as a teenager at the state homeschool convention and still try and go every year
78. I am a very organized person
79. I used to work from home while being a mom for Intermountain Health Care recruiting people for focus groups
80. I am good at building furniture and have built all of the furniture pieces by myself- even when I am big and pregnant
81. I love finding deals on furniture, clothing, housing etc. and love searching the classified ads
82. I love drinking water and rarely drink anything else, hate carbonation and only if I am having an asthma attack will I drink anything caffeinated
83. I love interior design and can't wait until I own my own place and can design it the way I want
84. I lived with 3 roommates in college which is great practice in getting along with people you don't always agree with
85. I am a romantic and love chick-flicks
86. I am very serious in my religion and read and study my scriptures, pray and teach my kids to do the same and I love my Savior and try to be like Him
87. I try to always drink and eat only organic animal products- they are better for you and just taste better and better for the environment- and any time I can get organic for the same price or similar, I always get the organic
88. I am politically conservative
89. My greatest compliment or insult is when it has to do with my intelligence
90. I don't like pets, they are like having more children that aren't as cute and are messy, hairy (I am allergic to most anyway) and they smell
91. I would love to take a month and tour the country driving in an RV with my kids
92. I have never been skiing even though I live in a snowy state
93. I am a pretty good cook and cook the entire shabang of Thanksgiving dinner all by myself
94. I never quite grew up and I love to play pretending games with my kids and act like I am 4 again
95. I would love to travel Europe and painting and seeing the great works of art
96. I lied when I was a kid and pretended I had a fainting disorder that I had to take little pink pills (teeth fluoride pills) for
97. I hated school and always tried to fake sick to stay home or get out of going to recess
98. When I was 4 I stuffed corn up my nose that they could not get out and it later rotted and I was sick for years after that, though I thankfully did eventually grow out of it at the age of 9 or 10
99. I love to sleep
100. Ever since my colonoscopy I can't stand to drink fresca soda because it tastes like the laxative I had to take right before, YUCK!

There you have it, 100 things about me. Can you think of 100 things about you?


NeverForgotten said...

I too have the allergy to the sun. I break out in hives, just like you said. It could be as little as 15 minutes exposure.

Rachel said...

That's pretty fun, isn't it? Though I put the divorce at 1 year ago because that's when it was final, May of 2007. I liked the dead fly story and all the reminiscing kids stuff, haha.