Sunday, April 20, 2008

International Music

I MUST blog about something. Some of you may think this is totally weird and my sisters, well, they will think it is absolutely normal and pat themselves on the back for getting me started with my latest International music obsession. First I must say that I have always liked music in other languages. When Robert and I were dating I thought it was awesome that he spoke Portuguese after learning it when he lived in Brazil for two years serving on his mission. He brought home some good Brazilian music. Particularly Sandy e' Junior, a brother and sister that sang for years and have very tiny bopper songs, but I like them. I don't understand all of what they are saying, but after hearing the language spoken by Robert, his friend Troy who speaks it from his mission to Portugal and another friend who learned in Mozambique, I do know some words. And we have awesome friends who are Brazilian. I can in no way speak it, but can pick out a few things. Robert really wants me to learn Portuguese and I hope someday to be able to devote a little time to it. Here is Sandy AND her brother Junior.

The next one is a thanks to my sisters Rachel and Nicole who both lived in China while they taught English in Chinese schools. They are both travelers and loved it, they have both been to Russia, Ukraine and China, though Nicole has been to China twice. And in her latest visit she brought home some music souvenirs and an obsession with Jay Chou- not his Chinese name, that I can't remember, clear that one up please Rachel. He has a lot of fun music and is really talented. He has a mixture of what we would call pop, ballads and rap. He writes his own stuff can play the cello and the guitar and piano and is just fun no matter what language you speak. He also doesn't smoke or drink and seems to be a pretty decent celebrity. Anyway, I LOVE his music! Its very addicting and I hope I have opened the door for others to like him also. Unless you all think I am crazy to love music I can't understand. I have had a few Chinese friends translate SOME of the words, but not all. So if you dare, here are a few of my favorites.

Give him a look. He also has great ones on his CDs that my sister is letting me borrow and burn. *blush* I can't go to China to buy them and with shipping... you know. I am trying to find ways to get a hold of his piano music too. He is really good at that and they are so pretty. Especially Chrysanthemum Flower Bed from the movie Curse of the Golden Flower, which he also starred in. Actor too. I never saw the movie. Well, international music is cool because when you are sick of everything here, you have another place to look for good music.


Rachel said...

Ahhh, Ting Mama De Hua, the best!

Papa Paradigm said...

Yay! I finally entered the correct address to your blog. It's great!
I love Brazilian music, Evan served his mission in Brazil too and I love listing to the CD's that he brought back, prob. more that he does.
My friend served her mission in Taiwan and she burned a Chinese CD for me with Jay on it. I love the songs. I originally had two of his songs on the CD I made for the fashion show yesterday, but since we didn't know what he was saying we had to cut them out. :(
Anyway, I think they are great.

Rachel said...

Oh yeah, and Jay Chou's real name is Zhōu Jiélún. :)