Friday, April 18, 2008

Lindsey and Her Baby

Lindsey has decided to love and care for this doll. Emily loved it too when she was about this age. They have both been so cute with it, best $5 I ever spent. Emily named it Baby Boy when she could talk, I guess because it doesn't have hair, even though it is dressed in purple. She doesn't seem to mind that Lindsey has taken to it, or I would just go get her one of her own. She carries it around the house hugging it and sucking her fingers. She pats it and loves it, takes it to bed. This is a picture of the first time I caught her hugging it. It was the sweetest thing I have seen and I had to take a picture. Today even she got food on the babies head- she calls it 'baby'- and I washed it off and left it on the counter and she got upset that I didn't give it back. When I realized what the problem was she was crying and grabbing at it, wishing she could reach it. Oh, the sweet things that babies do!


Rachel said...

Haha, those are the cutest pictures ever!

Anonymous said...

I love that picture and that little baby! Such huge brown eyes. Did you know that her Grammy sucked the same fingers when she was little? ---Marmie