Friday, November 14, 2008

Be-Lated Halloween

I realized I never posted about Halloween! I have been too focused on house stuff, again. It was a lot of fun. We planned on having Lindsey be a kitty because she loves them, crawls on the floor saying "Meow" and licking her hand, but she wouldn't keep the makeup whiskers on or the ears at the Halloween party we went to. So when the day came, she became a little Sleeping Beauty princess. Emily borrowed her cousins Cinderella dress and was a princess for the third year in a row. Seriously, can we have some originality?! I can't wait until this phase is over and we can move onto what she wanted to be weeks ago. Everything from Lightning McQueen, to Mike Wyzowski, Wall-E and a fairy. The fairy idea morphed into "Mommy, I want to be Cinderella again!" That was what we got, two cute princesses. Lindsey refused to let me take her picture so I only got ONE in her costume. Emily was a little more receptive to the idea...what a ham. We had dinner with friends who had a punch bowl of apple juice and dry ice that went overboard, literally. The dry ice was just too much and the bowl cracked in half and the juice went everywhere! We are sorry, to them for our bad luck. The girls went trick-or-treating in Grandam's neighborhood and made out with great candy this year! I know because as soon as they were in bed, I enjoyed their spoils immensely. Mmmmm... chocolate.


Rachel said...

I love those pictures!! They're so cute!

The Robbins Family said...

Aren't they so cute! It's wonderful that you are taking so many pictures of these precious years when they are young and trick-or-treating! A wise Mom!