Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Our meal was delicious! We had our own Thanksgiving meal on Tuesday and I made it with all of the trimmings. Turkey, rice stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and jello. We have frozen turkey in our freezer waiting to be soup or casserole leftovers. All of the leftovers have been really good.

On Thursday we spent Thanksgiving with Robert's family. Everyone tried hard not to think about my sister-in-law's cancer and upcoming surgery on Tuesday. We are all praying hard for them that it will be a cancer that can be taken care of and it won't have progressed into something worse. That night my other sister-in-law had 2 seizures and is in the hospital. They thought it was meningitis, but have now found a mass on her brain. We don't want to think the worst so we are also praying for them both and are still pretty worried. This has been a hard holiday for family and a time to be grateful for what we do have.


Rachel said...

Ooo, looks yummy! I always admire your dedication to having your own T-giving dinner! Great job!

Aunt Lee said...

Your table looked great! I love the turkey leftovers, too. The pictures of the girls are darling. You are such a lil' homemaker, Jessica! I love it.

The Robbins Family said...

Such a darling thanksgiving dinner! Those little girlies are dollies and I love them very much! I missed being with y'all for this holiday.