Saturday, April 10, 2010

Consignment Sale Stuff

I have blogged about this consignment sale before and the awesome stuff I usually bring home. Well, it was another good spring/summer season. The next one is in the fall for the winter season and at that time I will have a newborn baby. And this sale will be even more important when I am trying to outfit 3 kids. I volunteer my time for this sale and that is what gets me the most "goods" is the pre-sale for the volunteers. But there isn't a way I will be able to volunteer next year with a breast feeding baby.

My sister-in-law does this as well and is having her 4th child soon after me. We are both having boys and are very excited since last time we both had girls 2 weeks apart. Her little one will be even younger than mine. She came up with a great idea of volunteering our husbands so we can still shop the pre-sale. They are both saying they will do it because they know how this helps our families stay in our clothing budgets.

This season though, we worked even with our large expanding bellies and it was very worth it! Here are some of the spoils I got for Lindsey and the baby. Emily didn't need near as much since she still fits a lot of her good clothes from last year. She didn't have much to pass down to her sister at this age though since she was very hard on her clothes that year. I only got a few "must have" items for the baby and the boppy pillow over there with washable cover was $3 so I am happy about that. I am missing the awesome sandals I got for the girls in these pictures. I put those away since they were being tripped over.

Believe it or not but there are still a few items missing from here that were in the wash. Probably missing about 5 outfits total. Oh and 2 adorable dresses.

Emily's stash. I really like a lot of the shirts I found for her. She SO didn't need capri's or shorts. She isn't lacking in that area. And she didn't need any spring or summer dresses either.

Lindsey is really excited for her bike that was $18. The training wheels are in a bag just waiting to be put on. Now I need to pump up Emily's tires and Lindsey's and they can go riding together. They are really happy about this.

We stopped by DI after wards and found my favorite item. The maternity shirt was from the sale and the shoes were a DI find. They are adorable and brand new Nordstrom wedges with the price tag still on them reading originally $88, marked down to $58 and I got them for a killer price of $8. Course after 3 days of the crazy sale my feet are too swollen to wear them now, but later on... Total amount for all I got, 5 pairs of sandals for the girls, top for me, red shoes, bike, countless clothes: $160. That to me is a steal!


whitney said...

You always get such screamin' deals! yay! yay! for a fab sale you can count on!

Proctor Funk said...

Killer!! That is awesome! I love to get great deals like this! Your girls are SET!!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

You did totally SCORE and I want those SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mama Teaching 2 said...

I love those kind of sales. :) You made out.

Stephanie said...

Nice finds!!! I hope things work out for you this fall. I had my son the week of our local CCS and I was begging the Dr to release me early so I could make the preview sale... LOL I hear your heart. Check out: for some cool tips if you decided to volunteer while nursing ;)

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Awesome! I always wonder about the people who pay full price for a pair of shoes that cost that much... and wonder even more about the people who buy them on sale but then never wear them and donate them to a thrift store with the tag still on!