Monday, October 29, 2007

Finished Painting

I have recently finished this painting of Emily. My paintings usually take time to be completed because I put them away, pull them back out, put them away again, start a new one. My creative juices don't always go the way I would have them. I can't finish a painting if I am not feeling creative enough to do it. Plus being a mom of two kids and having so many daily tasks take up my time it is hard to get a chance to paint. I do it mostly when the kids are in bed, but even then I end up with dishes that have to get done or laundry up to my ears that has to be folded. Our place is also unbelievably small. It is driving me batty to have every corner stashed with something. Perhaps that is another reason I don't paint as much as I want to or should. I have NO room! My paintings are tucked away in a closet and I have no studio to paint in. I paint in my front room, using my coffee table. I had to get rid of my art table because... you guessed it NO ROOM! I can't wait to move into something bigger in a year.

The paintings I am currently trying to work on are: A watercolor of children's blocks. Just something for me and it will look cute in my kids room. An oil on canvas of my daughter and her cousin as flower girls at my sister-in-law's wedding. I love the painting, but because of my limited space I have no where to paint and the fumes are bad for me and my kids. I need a circulating fan, but that costs money and in the winter... someday it will get done. I itch to paint it. :( I am painting a picture of the Salt Lake Temple, my favorite temple. The problem with this painting is people are much easier for me than buildings. They drive me crazy! So many straight lines I could die. So when that one gets to me, I put it away. And another oil painting of my brother and my nephew. See, that is a lot of in the stages paintings. Sometimes I have so many I forget what I have and what I was previously working on.

In a few years I want to get my portfolio filled up and start advertising to art galleries. I want to find a way to make prints of my paintings and sell those as well. My dream is to become a free-lance artist and have my work and my name known in the art community. (sigh) I paint because I love it and I am truly artistic in thought. I want to do the things I love to do and find what other people love as well. I am always a work in progress in everything.


The Gunnell Bunch said...

Wow, that painting turned out great. I love the light effects on that ball too. Isn't that the water ball at Lagoon? That looks awesome!

Sherri said...

How do you do it?!? I am just in awe of anyone who can bring something to life on paper like that! I love the detail in her jeans. Wow!!

Bare Arts said...

C'est tres bien! -Jessica from MRB