Friday, January 11, 2008

Fun Week!

Nicole, my younger sister, spent a week at my house. We had so much fun and we felt like we became adult children for that week. There is so much that we did it is more like trying to see what we DIDN'T do. Humm... hardly any housework, poor Emily missed having her mommy all to herself. We had a 3 day read-a-thon reading The Last of the Mohicans. We found Nicole a copy at DI for 50 cents and she caught up to where I was reading. It was the stupidest classic EVER! The "hero" was so irritating and laughable. We wasted a lot of time listening to music and watching YouTube videos. We painted and Nicole went to the Pioneer Village and took some beautiful pictures we both plan to paint. We also saw Enchanted, Nicole's first time and my second time seeing it. That is one of the BEST movies ever, SO cute and I will be buying it when it comes out. Every girl's dream who likes Disney princesses.

Nicole also turned 21. She had a gift card that she bought a few things for herself and I bought her a book and made her a yummy chocolate cake. Mmmm... we had a really fun time. Thanks Nicole for the great week.

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The Gunnell Bunch said...

Hehe, I bet Robert was also happy to have his wife back, yes? :)