Saturday, January 19, 2008

Random Stuff

>Emily is reading SO well, I am shocked. She watches me read on the computer or type and tries to read all of the words. She can read quite a few sentences or she will just point out words to me. "This says 'took' Mommy." Why, yes it does. "Mommy, this says s-u-mm-er- SUMMER!" Look of shock! YES, it does! My little smarty pants over here. I shouldn't be so surprised since for the past three months she has been asking, "Mommy, what does 'hat' start with?" And Robert or I say the letter to her. So far our homeschooling is really coming along. She also likes to make her own math problems. "Mommy, if I have 5 and eat 2, there are 3 left." We are really pleased so far.

>Emily loves her ballet class. She comes home and shows me the splits and does 'step hop'. She has a performance coming up and I am quite irritated because the teacher wants to charge my guests for coming to watch her dance. It would be one thing if the dance hall cost money, but it is free! Grrr...

>I am the smartest person in the world. I was playing with Emily's silly putty and making impressions with the things I found around me. Ah, the TV remote, that should make a fabulous impression. Oh, CRAP! The putty is stuck to the buttons and I can't get it off. I am sure a pink putty remote will go so nicely with my hog-pog decor. I did manage to get a lot of it off, but if you look close enough, you can see the pink.

>I forgot that when Emily was young and the breastfeeding stopped that you no longer burn the calories and you don't need to eat as much. I gained weight with her, so why am I shocked that I am gaining now? I am nice and chubby and I don't quite like it. Humm,... exercise! Okay, great I will exercise before bed instead of making those double fudge brownies I want. Did all my little strength training with 8 lb weights. Now I need to punch some air- in the bathroom, in front of the mirror so I can see how fat I really am and it can motivate me. Fine- OUCH! I whacked my elbow on the door knob. Enough of that, now I can't move my arm.

>"Oh, you need to see my driver's license? It's expired!" Oh, dang! No, it was not a cop who asked me that. Good thing too since someone stole our registration sticker off the back license plate. The plates are NOT expired, but of course someone has to be a jerk. Luckily, registration is due next month, though we have been driving like this for 4 months now. So on to get my license renewed. And the visit goes on like this: I FORGOT my book! I have to just sit here now and play with my purse? Oh, I am number 28, what number are they up to now- 2?? That guy over there smells. How long have I been here. Only 20 minutes? I am going to die and mold in here! What did he say, he is number 11 and has been here for over an hour. Oh, sob! They all have forms in their hands, I think I need one of those. 'Don't sign here.' Crap! I already did. I will just scribble it out. Man, I wish I could offer this guy some gum, he stinks. I am starving, it is way past lunch. I wish I could run and find some food... An hour and a half... Finally, 26, 27- 28! Don't I feel like the luckiest person in here, they called my number. I think I am going to cry! I am so hungry. Hideous picture, oh, well don't care, want to get out of here. I am FREE!!

>I remember in Driver's Ed class that you are supposed to stop behind and in front of a School Bus when it is stopped and the lights are flashing. So why did I just drive on by the other day?? Oh, I don't know. Then Robert informs me that they can write down the license and send me a ticket. Dang. Lucky for me, I rounded the corner, so I think I got off! Terrible, sometimes I just don't think straight.

>Lindsey is crawling and is so cute. She has been rather clingy and not wanting to crawl as much lately. She cries and crawls to me so I will pick her up and hold her. She is a mommy's baby and has always been sensitive. Why does she whine and cry and not just crawl like all the other 1 year olds! What's this? Are you getting molars already?? You already have 8 teeth, now molars! Oh, THAT'S why you have been crabby. I just thought you were needy. Sorry. (blush)

>Emily picked out some princess books at the library. I usually look through the books just so I know what is basically in them. More because I hate taking something home that will be a waste and I will want to take back as soon as possible. We come home, I start reading. Basically the gist is that these are for older girls, but the story is about young girls trying to get into the Tiara Club. Humm... interesting isn't it? One Princess isn't nice, another one gets a pretty dress and is worried because all of her friends won't look the same, they get docked 'tiara points' when they do something un-princessy, like get dirty. For me, way too superficial. For Emily, boring and not what she was expecting. Better luck next time. I guess I will just have to give A Farewell to Arms a try- a, for me not Emily.

>Why is it that the salt that saves your life when the ice is going to kill you in the parking lot, is the same awful stuff that is all over my floor that my baby wants to eat? I have to vacuum 2-3 times a day!

>My laundry- I admit this now- often sits for DAYS in baskets in my bedroom. I have no where to put the baskets and it is the room I least go in during the day and I generally like forgetting it is there, until night time when I wish I had just remembered or decided to put them all away now that they are all a wrinkled messy ball! Sometimes I dump the baskets on my bed to give me an excuse to put them away. But night time comes, I want to play, I am tired and before bed it goes right back in the basket. Pathetic I KNOW! The first step towards recovery is to admit you have a PROBLEM! I HATE laundry! Sometimes there are baskets of unfolded clothes when I do laundry again for the next week. And, guess what, I don't iron either! I do before I wear it if it is wrinkled. Maybe it is also the lack of space. I feel like I just can't. Oh, to have an awesome laundry room someday to make my hated chore easier.

>I stay up WAY too late. I go in and out of the habit of getting to bed earlier. When I am in the habit of getting to bed, I can't imagine that I ever went to bed at unreasonable hours like 2:00 a.m. But when I am in the habit of staying up, I want to play. The kids are in bed and for some reason, 8-10 or 11 or even midnight doesn't seem to be enough Robert or me time. Its bad too because then I am tired and cranky in the morning. Well, no more, I swear! After tonight that is.


The Gunnell Bunch said...

That is amazing that Emily is reading now!! Wow, Savanna is just right on schedule but doesn't seem to grasp word blends yet. I can't believe that her ballet teacher wants to charge the guests!!! What a ripoff!!! I would find a new teacher. That is disgusting. You should come to water aerobics with Coley and I. :) We got such a workout and without a sore elbow afterward. However, Cole looked like a little, drowned rat!

Mama Teaching 2 said...

Reading!!! Sounds like soon you will have to watch what she sees. I remember emailing a very good friend and Eli later on telling daddy what I had written. OOPS! Wasn't for little eyes...

The silly putty was a riot! hee hee..