Monday, January 28, 2008

President Hinckley

President Hinckley passed away yesterday. I will miss him so much as a wonderful, inspired and beloved prophet. I am sure everyone in the Church feels that he completed his work and it was his time to go. I don't think anyone can doubt that he worked as hard as he could until his last days on earth. What a wonderful and amazing man. He truly loved everyone and was such a joy to listen to. He always had such a strong sense of humor and love for the Lord and for mankind. Just as all the past prophets, I know the Lord truly sent him when He did because of what he accomplished. Some of the wonderful things the world has known him for, and that I will remember:

>He built temples. He believed in temples and in temple work. He wanted everyone to have those blessings and through the help of God put the total of temples around the globe from the 50s to over 130- still more continuing to be built today. Including rebuilding the Nauvoo temple which was destroyed after the saints- my ancestors included- were kicked out of Illinois. He also built the Winter Quarters temple where many saints camped in the dead of winter, unable to travel to Utah. My ancestor, died there, as did many others and his name is on the plaque there at winter quarters.

>He was wonderful with the media. Willing to talk to anyone and get to know them. He wanted others to understand our beliefs and to come together through common ground. He went on Larry Kind Live and met with Presidents and leaders all over the world.

>He encouraged and brought about many humanitarian efforts to all the corners of the world. From the mud slides in Honduras to the Tsunamis to the civil wars in Africa and Hurricane Katrina. He taught always what Christ taught, that we love and help our fellow man no matter what our beliefs are because we are all children of our Father in Heaven. We love and support one another.

>He started the Perpetual Education Fund to help break the cycle of poverty in 3rd world countries. It is a way for members to get job training and skills to help their families. Members donate their time and money to help those who need these special programs.

>He had such a reputation of love for his family and his dear wife Marjorie. I am so glad that they are able to be with each other now, though I know his family will miss him.

>He built the Conference Center to meet together for General Conference and other gatherings. It is an incredible building and even the pulpit was made from the walnut tree that President Hinckley himself grew.

>I remember hearing a story of President Hinckley when he went to visit the saints in Honduras. He spoke to a missionary there who told of the experience. He asked the prophet if he had any words of wisdom for him. President Hinckley looked at him in all seriousness and said "When you take a shower,... always put the curtain on the inside."

There are so many more funny stories and amazing things that he did in his lifetime. These are some and definitely not all, of the wonderful things that I will remember him for. I know that he was a Prophet, called of God and that he could do none of things without the help of the Lord. He was inspired and received direction and revelation from God. He was such a good man and I know that millions of people will miss him. I thank the Lord that I was alive during this time to know him.

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