Monday, March 3, 2008

Waiting for the Order

Ah, tax refund time! I have wanted a few things on I love that place. Their books are great prices. So I am sitting here waiting on my order. Here is just a few things I am waiting on:

These are great resource books for homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers. They are usually filled with things that most parents and teachers miss that can give a very rounded education to children. Things like literature, art, science, math. They are kind of advanced, but I really liked them growing up so I could see where I was concerning my own education. I want to get the whole set and so far I have "What Your Fifth Grader Needs to Know". I found that at a thrift store for $4.

This is a book by Jon Taylor Gatto. He was a public school teacher for 25 years, winning 3 times the National Teacher of the Year award for great teaching. At one of the acceptance speeches he spoke about the many things he didn't like about the public school system, titled Dumbing us Down. I have read the speech before and in college I had a political science class where the professor had us write a paper all on his speech. Already knowing the subject well I got the highest grade in the class on the paper and the professor then asked me if I would talk to his 7 year old daughter who was currently being homeschooled. Jon Gatto later went on to write a book about his experiences and two years after his speech he announced he was quitting because he didn't agree with the system. He travels all over the globe to homeschooling conventions, speaking about education. Last year he was in Australia and then came here to speak at our homeschool convention. He was a wonderful speaker and I was really excited to hear him speak live and that Robert was able to attend that year as well. I can't wait to read this book!

This last one is something to get myself in shape a little. I am not severely overweight, but I am a little bit. My biggest factor is more that my clothes don't fit very well. I am still the same size as I was after being pregnant with Lindsey, but the clothes are feeling snug. I want a workout that doesn't feel so workout like. I don't like to exercise. I like to trick myself into exercising. Like taking walks, dancing, roller blading, etc. And I have to work out to music. I have read many online reviews about the latest videos and this one has a positive review every time. I really am excited to try it.


Kimbrey said...

Hey! I finally found your blog! It's cute! I have turbo jam and I love it!! Just be careful because it is a heck of workout and it makes me so sore the next day if I don't take it easier than I feel like I should. I'ts fun though! Hope you like it too!

The Gunnell Bunch said...

I want Turbo Jam SOOOO bad! It looks really fun! If you get it, tell me what you think of it.