Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dr. Laura

I have been reading this from the library. I love some of the examples she has in here and how she talks about the fact that way too many wives, and I find myself included in this, are mean to their spouses without even realizing they are doing it. We tend to pick and belittle and I really try to never do this, though I absolutely have my faults and I have in the past been caught up in it- speaking about their husbands negatively behind their backs. It betrays trust and most wives would never put up with it from their husbands, yet we do it a lot. She talks about how the feminist movement in many ways hurts the foundations of what husbands want from their wives. Not a maid, not someone in the kitchen, but someone who makes them feel like a provider- a man. And a wife that makes them feel like they are their hero, their knight in shining armor. She says she believes that women should be treated equally as far as in the work place in regards to feminism, but what it has done to both men and women in the home is put them at odds. Women are clearly not men and men are clearly not women and when either one tries to make them one or the other it puts a strain on the relationship. Anyway, it has a lot of good things, those were just some of what stood out to me. Check it out. I think you will be surprised at some of the eye opening points she makes after listening to marriage problems for years. I was so surprised that I told Robert about some of it and found that I am guilty of quite a few of those things that put couples as enemies instead of partners. I actually felt so bad for treating my spouse in a way that I didn't know I was even doing it. I apologized and we were able to talk about a few things to help our marriage grow. I love reading and learning anything can help me, my marriage or my family be better and stronger and this is definitely one of those kind of books.


Rachel said...

This is the best book ever!!! I'm so glad you are reading it. :) btw, I'm still waiting for bow pics!

Rachel said...
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NeverForgotten said...

thanks for sharing from your heart. i too try not to cut my husband down, but sometimes i overlook my attitudes. i get frustrated that i am the one working and he is the one home with the kids. and yet he provides so much for our family and does so much to protect us and see to our welfare. again, thanks for sharing.