Monday, March 3, 2008

Home Design

I have really been getting into Interior Design. I don't know, maybe it is the artist in me or something. Maybe it is also that I have a brother and sister in law who have awesome design taste. They always have great ideas. I also watch way too much HGTV. When I first got married I didn't think about it much. I think it was because I came from such a poor family that we were just happy to have what we had. Not that my mom didn't try to make our house a home, she did, but there needed to be a little more flow.

Now, if you came to my house now you would never guess that this is an interest of mine because I have a lot of hodge-podge decor right now. I live in a shoe box and it is hard to do much inside a shoe box. I have a coffee table that was given to us by my great in laws, but with kids it has become very scratched and with limited space it takes up a lot of room. I can't get rid of it because I am an artist and I don't have space for an art table, so viola- this is my art table for now. I have an ugly couch- given to me of course- and I can't afford to buy a new one. So until then, a red couch cover serves its purpose. I bought yellowish tan pillows to add to it. I have added a rug under the couch to give a little life into the room.

I have an interesting vase that I painted black and gold and I have added tall white flowers to it. I found a great find on an awesome table. It is warn and rickety, but the table and chairs I wanted was $600, this one was used, can seat 10, came with 4 chairs and is really pretty for $160. For now it is perfect. I found an awesome side table at a thrift store for $20. Solid wood and pretty cute. I think I am getting more of an idea of finding cheap things that can go with what I want. Its amazing how cheap you can decorate. Like my bathroom. I spent $60 on a shower curtain I love, a brown cupboard and a decorative mirror.

My biggest issue I have is I have all of my paintings on the wall in cheap junky frames. That is a goal of mine, to professionally frame all of my paintings. I have mentioned that to Robert that any time he needs an idea of something for birthday, Christmas or anniversary, that would be a great gift idea. Anyway, I love looking at photos of rooms and finding what I love about them. I don't always like everything, but I can usually find the things I love.

Like this room. I love the accent colors of that light blue you can see on the back of the chairs and the table or vase next to the chairs. The color on the wall brings out the fireplace so nicely. The shapes of the round plates about the fireplace really bring out the awesome square mantle. Just an example of why I love design. Course with kids it is hard to have something this pleasing to the eye, but I just love all the ideas. We are in the process of getting pre-approved to see what we can afford in a home or condo. Every time I look at a house or whatever I get disappointed if it is too new. I want to do some work on it. I don't want to have to overhaul it, but I want great architectural detailing and potential to really make it awesome. Hope I will find it someday.


The Gunnell Bunch said...

Hahahahah! "Hog pog"!?!?! Yeah, my house looks more like hog pog and yours is the next level up at "hodge podge." I do love that design picture! I can't wait to have a decorating budget someday and no cinderblock!

TheMFamily said...

HAHA! I totally didn't even notice hog-pog, I thought, G that makes it "odge" sounding. Heehee. Yeah, someday we will both have a good budget and NO more cinderblock walls!